Qatar Airways goes double daily to Zagreb


Qatar Airways will be introducing an additional four weekly flights between Doha and Zagreb starting this Saturday for a total of fourteen weekly services. Despite initial plans for some of the flights to run with the 182-seat Airbus A321 aircraft, all operations will now be maintained with the A320. Qatar Airways recently announced it will be adding frequencies and launching new destinations in response to its flight ban to several Gulf countries, as a result of a diplomatic spat. The double daily service is currently scheduled to operate until the end of July but is expected to become a permanent fixture. The Doha-based airline recently announced plans to up capacity and frequencies to Belgrade, as well as its interest in launching flights to Ljubljana. The Qatari carrier faces strong competition in the Croatian capital against Emirates which recently launched daily services from Dubai with its wide-body Boeing 777 aircraft.


  1. Anonymous11:22

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous11:27

    Amazing ZAG Great for Croatia and all year round too

  3. Anonymous11:39

    Nice addition but we can see that they have scheduled it only as long as the ban to the Arab world is supposed to last.

    1. Anonymous11:58

      Yes, but good to see that ZAG is one of instant beneficiaries of capacity switch, meaning it is considered as good route for QR!

  4. Anonymous11:46

    The thing is that the flights are packed most of the time. COnsidering this it appears logical that with the free capacity they can also expand Zagreb! In the past they always had capacity issues which was that they delayed both SJJ and SKP. NOW they have the capacity.

    1. Anonymous01:39

      Actually Qatar has no A321s free, they've got only 8, and all utilized. They're getting some A321 NEO with 182 seat configuration if I am not mistaken, they plan to put one on Zagreb route. Double daily with A320 which has 144 seats, is normally sold out on route to Zagreb, A321 was also sold out, LF on Doha - Zagreb - Doha - route was @90-92% for past 3 months. In winters it is 80-85%. Business class sells well on Zagreb route, however All A321s used on other routes atm.

      There was a plan to bring A321 back on Zagreb flights in July, but Qatar has only 8 of these. Qatar has ordered 16 A321 NEOs, should be joining the fleet next year I think.

      If demand is too great they might send B787-8, which has 254 seats to Zagreb. A321 they're n normally sending to Zagreb has 182 seats.

      If things go as they are, next year A321 double daily in summer months quite likely.

      By 2020, A321 + B787-8 quite possibly in summer months.

      Would be interesting to see Zagreb numbers for June, I project 305-308 000.

  5. Anonymous12:15

    Hm, very interesting to see that QR actually instantly increased ZAG from already 10 to 14 flights a week and remained relatively weak frequency wise in BEG with only 4 flights. I expect BEG to go up to daily also, but interestingly that ZAG got a priority, in spite of fresh EK.
    That being said,any asusmptions on the effects on EK if ZAG double daily remains permanent?

    1. Anonymous12:19

      QR is not in the same league as EK. Ordinary aircraft and particularly ordinary inflight service. Up there as the worse IFE. You'll be bored before take off. I don't rate QR at all. A try hard EK

    2. Anonymous12:30

      Well, obviously more than a few passegners disagree,as they are hardly empty :D

    3. Anonymous12:36

      Anon 12.30pm
      Pay a price premium fly EK. Can't go wrong and you will love it

    4. Anonymous12:46

      BEG will remain 4 weekly until the winter when it gets upped to daily. Depending on how much capacity they have they will see if they can further increase it to 10.

      BEG has more competition than ZAG when it comes to flying to Asia. Aeroflot and Turkish are far more aggressive while there is also Etihad.

      Getting a peace of cake in BEG is much harder.

    5. Anonymous14:40

      I think that EK could be highly challenged, especially if QR ultimately remains double daily also during winter; they will have superior connectivity and excellent schedule, very flexible for passengers plus also overall big capacity to fight EK. In any case, it would be one bloody winterto the joy of traveling public!

    6. Anonymous18:40

      I agree, especially since the A320 is more comfy t fly on than EK's slave ship. From what I heard QR has a better onboard product with the exception of the IFE

      I've only flown on EK and it wasn't anything spectacular, TK is better imo

    7. Anonymous18:50

      EK being a premium? Maybe, in 1st..but thats it. Their economy is hardly considered premium, specially compared to TK or QR. 3-4-3 configuration is something you would expect from Wizz, Ryan,.. and not from "premium" carrier. IFE is about the same on all three, food is better on TK and QR so I really dont know what you are talking about. And dont give me answer in style "they fly wide body" because, who cares?

    8. Anonymous19:22

      Emirates is average at best. They grew too much too fast. Qatar and Etihad have a much better product. Let's not forget that EK has a two class A380 that seats over 600 passengers.

      Yeah, that's totally premium.

    9. Anonymous20:01

      Bravo, ZAG!

  6. Anonymous12:23

    Reduced capacity, increased frequencies ...

    1. Anonymous15:27

      Logic does not seem to be your strength! They increased the frequency and the overall capacity. Count the seats again ;)

    2. Anonymous15:32

      They are increasing capacity for 26%.

    3. Anonymous01:44

      @AnonymousJune 28, 2017 at 12:23 PM

      How so, 144x14 (2016) v 7x182 + 3x144 (1706)

      To me this looks like massive capacity increase. And it is year round.

    4. Anonymous02:45

      BTW A321 is scheduled for August, entire month and onward. Morning A321, afternoon A320, that is 144 + 182 seats, 12 in business class on each aircraft.

  7. Anonymous15:07

    Isn't it interesting that since the start of Qatar conflict, there were rumors regarding new/additional QR flights to most of the major airports in the region, except one airport - ZAG. And yet ZAG is the only one to benefit the conflict. Well done ZAG.

  8. Anonymous16:27

    Congrats to both ZAG and BEG!

  9. A friend of mine gave me the loads for several days in July. These are the AVAILABLE seats till yesterday DOH to ZAG:

    July 11:
    J: 4
    Y: -8

    July 12:
    J: 10
    Y: 83

    July 13:
    J: 8

    J: 5
    Y: 6

    July 14:
    J: 8
    Y: 7

    July 15:
    J: 8
    Y: 15

    July 16:
    J: 8
    Y: 54

    J: 5
    Y: 7

    July 17:
    J: 4
    Y: 24

    July 18:
    J: 2
    Y: 43

    J: 3
    Y: 7

    July 19:
    J: 12
    Y: 87

    July 20:
    J: 9
    Y: 74

    J: 4
    Y: -6

  10. Anonymous10:04

    Middle East carriers capacity:

    7x Emirates = 2.520 seats
    14x Qatar = 2.016 seats
    = 4.536 seats

    7x Etihad = 882 seats
    7x Air Serbia = 896 seats
    4x Qatar = 576 seats
    4x flydubai = 696 seats
    = 3.050 seats

    Zagreb 1.486 seats

    1. Anonymous14:11

      If you add Turkish 14 to Belgrade and 10 to Zagreb, however also add 2 El Al to Zagreb with B757. Without a doubt Zagreb is going places. Question is, can Zagreb hit 5.0 million in 2020.

      Numbers for June are really great. above 10% growth, first half of the June numbers are even above 15%. We'll need to wait and see for entire month. But my projection originally was 305 000.
      Wouldn't surprise me if June has 315 000.

    2. Anonymous14:20

      Then you can also add 10 weekly TLV to BEG with A319, A320 and B757 operated by Air Serbia, Arkia and Israir. If you are including Turkey, you should also include 10 weekly Atlas global flights from IST with A320 and A322 as well as 4 weekly Pegasus with B737-800.

      You also did not take into account that Qatar starts all A321 ops from 1 July.

    3. Anonymous14:33

      @AnonymousJune 29, 2017 at 2:20 PM

      Air Serbia doesn't fly B757!!!

      PS I added turkey, the original poster didn't. He only looked at middle east, i.e gulf countries.

    4. Anonymous14:36

      Arkia does. Air Serbia operates A319s to Tel Avia, Israir A320 and Atkia B757. If you don't know the details, why bother doing the comparisons. I know he didn't compare Turkey, I was responding to you.

    5. Anonymous14:52

      PS Why do you keep comparing yourself to Belgrade. You have said numerous times that Croatia is the richest, most amazing, most developed country in the universe while insulting others. Why keep comparimg yourself to Belgrade of all places then? Compare yourself to Paris, London and New York. Those should be your competitors.

  11. Anonymous23:12

    Citajuci i prateci razvoj zracnog prometa na ovijem prostorim, zakljucujem kako 99,9% komentatora ovog portala je na aerodrom dosla oz puke znatizelje.
    A u avion sjela nija.



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