Austrian to wet-lease Adria jet


Austrian Airlines will wet-lease an Adria Airways Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft at the end of February. The jet is currently scheduled to serve on Austrian's behalf until early April and will be deployed on a number of routes, among which is Podgorica. The Slovenian carrier has wet-leased aircraft to its Austrian counterpart in the past. A wet-lease is a leasing arrangement whereby the lessor provides an aircraft, complete crew, maintenance and insurance to another airline. Adria's CEO, Arno Schuster, said recently, "Carriers value our flexibility and reliability, and know that we offer a good service to them. We are not just some unknown airline, we are a recognised carrier within Star Alliance. The wet-lease business helps us exploit our fleet better throughout the year". Adria is currently wet-leasing one of its Bombardier jets to Luxembourg's Luxair.


  1. Anonymous10:51

    So this summer they will have two planes leased to other airlines and they too will lease two planes. The logic...

    1. Anonymous11:00

      Rent a limo logic

    2. Anonymous11:37

      Obviously someone signed shitty lease contracts in the past.

    3. Anonymous18:59

      Summer? End of feb-beginning of apr

  2. Anonymous13:25

    I would say that they are chartering their aircraft to Austrian for much more than what it costs to rent a Carpatair or Trade Air fokker.


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