Germania to launch new Pristina service


Germania is continuing to expand its operations out of Pristina with a new service to Copenhagen to be launched on March 23. Flights will be maintained once per week, each Friday. Tickets are already on sale and available for purchase through the Air Prishtina tour operator. Germania was Pristina Airport's busiest airline in 2017, carrying 294.633 passengers to and from the Kosovan city. Together with its Germania Flug subsidiary, the two handled 411.100 travellers. Further flight details for the new Pristina - Copenhagen service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous10:41

    Let's hope they won't be as expensive as on the Paris route.

    1. Anonymous11:07

      How much are the CDG fares?

    2. Anonymous12:09

      Tickets are available through the official website of Germania and through Airprishtina. I am not 100% sure, but fares are cheaper with Airprishtina.

    3. Anonymous14:31

      approx 270 eur RR is not expensive ...

    4. Anonymous16:26

      270 not expensive? o_0

      check wizz fares fro skp

    5. Anonymous17:00

      An example with Airprishtina:
      PRN -> CDG, May 9: 89€
      CDG -> PRN, May 12: 69€
      Total: 158€ (20kg luggage included)

    6. Anonymous17:20

      That's normal fair for Germania who's not a LCC like a Wizz air ...
      Sice when do they fly to CDG?

    7. Anonymous17:22


  2. Anonymous11:10

    I feel like there are so many airlines that fly to Pristina but not to the rest of exyu like Germania. Seems like they have tons of flights to Pristina. Also 1.8 million pax at Pristina Airport is an amazing number for such a small city especially when taking into account that the citizens of Kosovo stil need visas for EU countries.

    1. Anonymous11:44


    2. Anonymous12:28

      Most of them have probably serbian passports, they can apply for one easy.

    3. Anonymous16:27

      What kind of answer is that? Jesus christ... i know for a fact that many kosovar albanians have a serbian passport aswell (serbia gives out passports to all kosovars not just serbs) besides half of kosovos population works in europe they travel home a lot.

    4. Anonymous17:12

      That's true. That's why every time you land to FRA or MUC from BEG they check all passports. Too many people from Kosovo and Metohija are trying to enter Germany without valid passports.

  3. Anonymous13:10

    Very good news! Keep going Germania...

  4. Anonymous08:05

    400euro pr person on juli 2018 bitch
    It's not expensive?
    250euro to 3 persons to Europa,


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