Air Serbia hiring cabin crew


Air Serbia is seeking new cabin crew members with an assessment day to be held in January. Requirements include at least eighteen years of age, minimum high school diploma, fluency in written and spoken English, as well as Serbian citizenship and a valid Serbian passport. Those interested must apply here by January 11. Successful applicants will then receive an invite for the cabin crew assessment day in Belgrade.


  1. Anonymous16:04

    Why on God's earth did they let go all of those cabin crew earlier on in the year, only now to have to go out and hire new ones ? Poor manpower/resource planning if ever ......

    1. Anonymous16:12

      Who did they let go? They were hiring crew in April as well.

      In future, stick to facts.

    2. Anonymous17:44

      Who did they fire? Would you like a list of names? What kind of a question is that.

      Fact 1: 30 people got hired in April as cabin crew
      Fact 2: 30 people got fired in October. Mostly experienced crew, flight pursers hired by EY in 2014. The fresh batch was kept in their place.

      I suggest that in the future you try and learn as much as possible about a subject before becoming dismissive of someone.

    3. Anonymous18:08

      So anon 17:44 you are confirming that they have fired 30 people only to run a new call :)))

    4. Anonymous18:21

      So what? They can fire and hire whenever they like. Welcome to the 21st century. They didn't need them last year, now they do. Spare us the outrage.

    5. Anonymous18:25

      Nope, simply because the April jobs were temporary and were hired to work during the summer season. This is a common practice in most seasonal airlines. Air Serbia has a morever seasonal character. They might hire again in April and so on.

    6. Anonymous09:10

      anon at 16.12 - gee, you sure did put your foot in your mouth, didn't you ?

  2. Anonymous18:02

    Few of my friends work as CC in AS and they did fire a lot of people last year after summer season.
    Also, many had their contracts put on hold for months until they called again. So, there are facts.

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