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The ten most read articles on EX-YU Aviation News throughout June according to accumulated statistics:

The three most read trip reports in June:

1. Qatar Airways: Belgrade - Doha
2. Croatia Airlines: Dubrovnik - Zagreb
3. Atlasglobal: Istanbul - Belgrade

The most popular vintage photo published in June (and of all time):

JAT DC-10 leased from Finnair at JFK Airport, 1987

The most visitors by country:

1. Serbia
2. Slovenia
3. Croatia
4. United States
5. United Kingdom
6. Germany
7. Bulgaria
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina
9. Macedonia
10. Canada


  1. Anonymous09:20

    Maybe it's time to considering adding Bulgaria to the newsfeed, seems there is a lot of interest from there.

    1. Anonymous10:36

      Country is more related to ex-Yu compared to Albania for example. 5 airports and numerous similarities.
      ex-Yu Aviation is infact popular in a number of Bulgarian forums such as BGSpotters for example.

    2. Anonymous12:11

      Yes! I am from Bulgaria and every day I check here. I love this site! I will very happy if you write for bulgarian`s airports and aviation.

    3. Anonymous12:18

      For Albania also!

    4. Anonymous12:56

      Im an Albanian who visits this site every day, but after all this is an ex-yu countries site, and it should stay so.

    5. Anonymous15:00

      Let's include USA, they are number 4 on the list, Bulgaria is number 7.

    6. Anonymous15:40

      Yes but US numbers are from diaspora, Bulgaria isn't.

  2. Anonymous13:18

    I've been suggesting long time ago this should be a Balkan site and not Ex-Yu which no longer exists.

    1. Anonymous13:27

      +1000 I'm from Albania too and I check this site every day.

    2. Not a bad idea after all.
      ex-Yu can evolve to Balkan Aviation or Balkanaero.
      Instead of 6 countries they can be 10:
      Albania, EX-Yu, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.
      More news = more visitors = more ads = more cash ;)
      Admin, we hope you are persuaded.

    3. Anonymous01:46

      Great idea.I would like to see Balkan Aviation too. Greetings from Skopje.

    4. Anonymous10:59

      "Ex-Yu which no longer exists"
      Umm, YU doesn't exist but that's what "Ex" is there. It's clear which region and what airports are covered by the term.
      I'm not sure how many people is behind this web page but I'm assuming not many. It's already amazing work writing one big post and one or few additional every day without a single pause for years. Expecting to expand the covered region sounds a bit too much.


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