Dubrovnik Airport’s VIP terminal nears completion


Dubrovnik Airport is in the process of building a small terminal for VIP passengers. The building, which is separated from the main passenger terminal, will feature check-in, security and passport control, as well as airside access to aircraft. Dubrovnik Airport expects for the facility to be in use from the 2020 summer season.


  1. Anonymous13:45

    Well done Dubrovnik. Developing in a great way.

  2. Anonymous13:45

    Wow doesn't look small at all. Good stuff.

  3. Anonymous15:09

    Best managed airport in Croatia!

  4. Anonymous17:04

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  5. Dubrovnik airport is the fastest growing airport in the EXYU in terms of infrastructure, passengers if I may notice,no wonder why the Americans choose Dubrovnik in this region to fly to.Hats off Dubrovnik,you beauty!

  6. should be an example for all other airports in ex yu


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