Saudi Arabia's flyadeal seeking pilots

Saudi Arabia's newest airline, flyadeal, is seeking to recruit captains and first officers. As an expanding carrier with ambitious growth plans, flyadeal is now looking to fill a number of positions. "Since we are a multicultural company, we look to attract the best candidates globally and locally. Specifically, for pilots and cabin crew, we conduct open days in varying parts of the world to attract a larger pool of candidates. These shows are advertised in advance so that maximum awareness is given to attract candidates. Despite us not having previously done this in the former Yugoslav region, we have both pilots and cabin crew from the region happily working with us". Applications, as well as the terms and conditions, for the captain position can be found here, and for the first officer role here.

flyadeal was founded in September 2017. The low fare airline is a subsidiary of Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation. It currently operates eleven brand new Airbus CEOs that perform 78 sectors a day, and has one of the youngest airline fleets worldwide. This summer, the airline placed a firm order with Airbus for thirty new A320 NEOs with a further twenty options. The Kingdom’s newest carrier is seeking to serve both domestic and regional destinations in a market which recently initiated an online tourism visa process for over fifty countries, which is expected to increase both tourism and business.

As of August 2019, flyadeal has flown over five million passengers since commencing operations. By the third quarter of 2018, flyadeal became the second largest airline on the busiest route in the Middle East and North Africa region - between Jeddah and Riyadh. The initial fleet of eleven A320CEO aircraft now carries some 13.000 passengers per day, serving fourteen domestic routes between eight destinations. The new A320 NEO deliveries will start in 2021 and the airline is expected to operate fifty aircraft by 2025.


  1. Anonymous16:04

    Everyone, let's submit them a bunch of female gender applications, as they are sadly excluded!!!

    1. Anonymous16:41

      Good idea!

    2. Anonymous17:12

      If they don't want to hire women then it's their own right.

  2. Anonymous18:16

    I wonder how many Adria pilots will appply...

  3. Anonymous20:06

    Successful applicants will have to move to Saudi Arabia. Why should they do that to themselves?
    And especially those who have families?

    1. Anonymous21:56

      Is anyone forcing you to move? No? Okay then. They might have a reason to move and it's not your business. Just like your decision not to move is none of their business.

    2. Anonymous07:14

      hahaha wtf. It's a Saudi airline so what do you expect? To be paid to fly them on Flight Simulator from home?

    3. Anonymous09:20

      Well they age discrimate...58 for Capts..thought retirement age was 65..maybe its lower there

    4. Anonymous19:40

      They discriminate in many ways, but "have the right" to do it as some and maybe the same person writes few times earlier.
      Well, luckily I have the right not to work nor fly with them so long they do it.
      Just because you can do something, doesn't mean it's clever and contributing the company, work environment, image etc.
      We must all together say stop to discrimination, bad work environment and social dumping.
      So, no thanks from me.


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