Seven tentative bids for Montenegrin airports


The Montenegrin government has received seven bids in the first of two tenders for the thirty-year concession of its two international airports - Podgorica and Tivat. The first pre-qualification round required interested parties to apply in order to demonstrate their intent. Those applying included South Korea’s Incheon International Airport Corporation, GMR from India, Turkey’s Limak Holding, Corporation America Airports from Luxembourg, as well as three consortiums made up of Cengiz & Copenhagen Airports; the Groupe ADP Consorcium - TAV; and DAA International - Bouygues Batiment International - Marguerite - TIIC. Currently, Groupe ADP - TAV jointly run Zagreb Airport, Limak Holding operates Pristina Airport as part of a consortium and TAV also manages Macedonia’s international airports on its own. Incheon International Airport Corporation has previously bid for the concessions of both Zagreb and Belgrade airports, making it to the final round in both cases, while India’s GMR was also a finalist in the race for Belgrade Airport’s concession.

The tender commission will now evaluate each bid to determine if they meet all the necessary requirements set out by the Montenegrin government. It will then launch a second tender for the submission of final bids. The signing of the concession agreement is expected in March 2020.


  1. Anonymous12:34

    Montenegro keeps winning!

    1. Anonymous12:36

      The number of expressions of interest is surprisingly low actually. In this phase usually at least 20 companies express interest since its completely nonbinding.

    2. Petar12:41

      LOL Anon 12:36
      Which 20 airport operators even exist in Europe who would participate in the concession?
      Much larger airports than Montenegro's have attracted less interest than 7 bids.

    3. Anonymous12:53

      This is not true. And have you even read the article? Bidders are not limited to Europe. Off the top of my head Belgrade Airport received 27 bids in the first round.

    4. Anonymous15:44

      Incheon would be good. Seul airport has been on top for last 12 years. They can maybe make a conncetion to the eastern market and bring some precision and quality to the service as the upgrade.
      Irish one will own bar kod shops so I am not shure about them. This may all be a risk.

    5. Anonymous19:22

      Best solution will be Incheon.But...this is a mafia region(whole Balkan) eur on TAV!


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