Ohrid Airport continues dream run


Ohrid Airport has continued to post record results into 2020 by handling 19.858 passengers in January. The figure represents an increase of 144.2%. The growth has been fuelled by Wizz Air, which introduced several new routes to the city last year. Operator TAV Macedonia plans to begin expanding Ohrid Airport this year in order to accommodate the rise in traffic.


  1. Anonymous13:36

    Wow congratulations Ohrid. That is a great result.

  2. Anonymous15:39

    does anyone know when the building extension will be started?

    1. Anonymous23:18

      Nothing concrete, some mentioned May 2020 (need to consider elections are coming in april :) ); I wonder how it will be done when traffic increases then (charters/seasonals) and considering that nee highway is getting build next to it (also years late after schedule).
      If people were fainting in some point due to the heat and crowds last summer I imagine how it will be now.

      BTW, for macedonian media tommorow's W6 MXP flight to OHD is much more interesting than these numbers or the renovation itself, so it's not strange we can't get real starting date.

  3. Anonymous03:17

    If they keep going this way
    2021 they will have 1 milion paasengers for sure
    They will need to build new terminal for 2 milion passengers than
    Is realy optimistic


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