Split Airport runway undergoes overhaul


Split Airport is in the process of upgrading its runway. Resurfacing work began last week, with the sixteen-metre central portion of the runway upgraded first. As a result, both Eurowings and Croatia Airlines have moved some of their flights to Zadar until the end of the month. Free bus transfers have been organised between the airports in Split and Zadar. Work on the runway is being carried out in three phases in order to limit disruption to traffic. The upgrade will be completed in mid-March, prior to the start of the 2020 summer season. The overhaul is being carried out as part of a larger expansion project, which has already seen the opening of a new terminal building last year and will include the construction of a new parallel taxiway and the expansion of the apron.


  1. Anonymous15:24

    Bravo Hrvatska!

    1. Anonymous15:58

      This guy is hilarious!

    2. Anonymous22:12

      its probobly more then one guy. who loves saying it when ever there is news about Hrvatska... as long as it makes his day

    3. Anonymous00:09

      This blog has a place for everyone:
      BEG/JU fan boys
      Bravo Hrvatska fan boys
      SKP vs PRN fan boys
      LJU Gulf carrier hopes fan boys
      SJJ we want European routes fan boys
      MNE - Montenegro keeps winning fan boys

      There you go :) the beauty of diversity of this blog ;)

  2. Anonymous17:48

    Any idea on when is the paraller taxiway and the enlarged apron construction going to start? Also, how is it going to look like, how many new stands and runway entry points are the going to be? I assume something similar to Dubrovnik.

    1. Anonymous19:32

      No idea

      It is beyond me why Split management is always so extremely tight lipped regarding any works and expansions. Almost nothing is known in public until work is already in progress.

  3. It looks theres a village just some 50m away from the runway!!

    Balkan standards will never change :-)

    1. Dumb comment.

    2. Hardly. Having an entire village practically living on the runway is whats dumb!

  4. Anonymous16:43

    Interesting that the palm trees have not been returned to the airports parameters. They can be seen "parked" in the background.


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