TRIP REPORT: Swiss, Zurich - Ljubljana


Written by FlyAlex

Airline: Swiss (operated by Helvetic Airways)
Flight: LX2276
Class: Economy
Seat: 21F
Aircraft: Embraer E-190-E2
Flight time: 01:05
Take-off: 09 Dec 19, 12:50
Arrival at: 09 Dec 19, 13:55

Boarding started on time via bus for this short flight to Ljubljana. Once we reached our plane, I was pleasantly surprised that this flight would be operated by one of the brand-new Embraer 190 E2 of Helvetic Airways.

The cabin looked of course very new and also quite nice with a mixed interior of grey and red.

The seat itself was comfortable enough for short hops, however, it only featured very limited legroom. Longer flights on this plane for sure are not the most comfortable ones.

An amazing plus on such a regional jet were the power plugs at each seat.

Due to a lot of traffic we had to wait at our parking position for more than 30 minutes until we finally started taxiing and took off into cloudy rainy skies. This flight was scheduled to only take a short 50 minutes.

Once airborne the friendly cabin crew soon started service for this full flight. The trolley rolled down and everybody received a nice cheese sandwich followed by a large selection of drinks. I had some Swiss beer and water.

During descent, some nice Swiss farewell chocolates were served packed in special Christmas design.

Overall, it was a nice short hop on a very new plane. Surprised by the good inflight service including a sandwich and full choice of drinks on this short flight.

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  1. Anonymous12:18

    The E2 cabin looks fantastic!

  2. Anonymous12:22

    Good to hear the cabin was full.

  3. Anonymous12:26

    Nice snack for 50 min. flight.

    1. Anonymous13:02

      And some people still miss Adria...

    2. Ingvarsson13:23

      Schedule wise yes, we miss Adria. LX is actually downgrading the slot for SUTT 2020. I don’t care about food and drinks on short flights...

  4. The E2 looks stunning! Boy, look at those HUGE engines! The interior looks basic but modern. Typical aircraft used for less than 2 hour trip.
    KL has also ordered 21 of those beautiful birds but the A220 seems to have gained more momentum.

    Anyway, thanks for the nice report, Alex!

  5. Anonymous16:20

    Why are magazines in the bottom net where they take space for legs/knees? Magazines should go in the upper slot, where safety card is.
    Embraer is lagging Airbus A220 regarding overhead built-in screens. Those are more reliable than add-on flip-down screens and give A220 cabin a nice advantage over E2.

    1. Anonymous19:54

      I've been in AirBaltic A220 several times - first time you enter it's a "wow, small screens everywhere" reaction and then next time you are like "it basically useless".
      One big thing that annoys me in those A220 is that back of the seat is having some kind "rib" in the middle (vertically) so because of that there is no 1 big pocket but 2 smaller ones. You can fit a small bottle or phone in each of them but you can't fit your wallet for example.
      Considering that and power sockets on E2 (that's really wow!) I would go with E2 as a winner (based on photos, newer took a flight with it, don't know how rest of things are working :)

    2. Anonymous22:55

      Blame for those two small pockets are not on airline manufacturer. Airlines order seats from seat manufacturer. I have been on Swiss A220 (C series) and it doesn't have that split net, so it's not Airbus/Bombardier's fault.

      Overhead screens on Swiss A220 are great, they are not useless at all. Power sockets plus USB also exist in Delta's A220. E2 lost this round.

    3. Anonymous23:46

      So you take screens from Swiss, power sockets from Delta and....E2 lost? :)
      BTW, what's the use of overhead screens on Swiss?

  6. Anonymous20:50

    What an atrocious looking cabin, bland, boring and without personality. Typical Germanic, minimalistic and uninspirational.


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