Over thirty new EX-YU routes cancelled

As airlines begin to draft their schedules for June, they are further delaying the launch or completely cancelling new routes to cities across the former Yugoslavia, which were to commence between March and July, as a result of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Ryanair, along with its subsidiaries, has now moved its remaining planned new services to the first week of July. "Ryanair now expects the recovery of passenger demand and pricing (to 2019 levels) will take at least two years, until summer 2022 at the earliest", it said, adding that it expects to report a net loss of over 100 million euros in the April to June quarter, with more losses to come.


RouteOriginal dateNew date
Vienna - Zadar (Austrian)MAR 29 JUN 08
Vienna - DubrovnikMAR 29JUL 02
Vienna - Zadar (Lauda)MAR 30JUL 01
Paris - DubrovnikMAR 30JUN 15
London Luton - LjubljanaMAR 30CANCELLED
Poznan - PodgoricaMAR 30JUL 02
Gdansk - ZadarMAR 31CANCELLED
Kraljevo - ThessalonikiMAR 31JUN 02
Stockholm - TivatAPR 01JUN 17
Dublin - PodgoricaAPR 02JUL 02
Vienna - Banja LukaAPR 03JUL 03
Hahn - RijekaAPR 04JUL 04
Paris Orly - PulaAPR 04JUN 06
Nantes - DubrovnikAPR 11JUN 06
Athens - SplitAPR 19JUL 08
Brussels - PulaAPR 25JUN 20
London Luton - PulaAPR 28MAY 26
Kiev - LjubljanaAPR 30JUN 04

The fate of new routes set to be launched by the Lufthansa Group this summer, including Austrian’s Vienna - Zadar, Eurowings’ Stuttgart to Belgrade and Swiss’ Geneva to Dubrovnik service will be known this week, as it plans to load its June timetable. The airline group will be scheduling flights on a month-by-month basis. A total of eighty aircraft from the Group’s fleet will be reactivated with the June timetable. This means that a total of 106 destinations can be served in the coming month. From June 1, 160 aircraft will be in service with the Group's passenger airlines. “The Lufthansa Group's airlines are thus responding to the growing interest of customers in air travel, following the gradual easing of restrictions and limitations in the German federal states and entry regulations of other countries in Europe”, the company noted.


RouteOriginal dateNew date
Zagreb - SofiaMAY 01 CANCELLED
Wroclaw - ZadarMAY 01CANCELLED
Frankfurt - TivatMAY 01JUN 30
Paris - PodgoricaMAY 01JUN 05
Vilnius - DubrovnikMAY 02CANCELLED
Zagreb - PodgoricaMAY 03CANCELLED
Beuvais - ZadarMAY 06CANCELLED
Zadar - KaunasMAY 06CANCELLED
Zadar - BremenMAY 07CANCELLED
Vilnius - RijekaMAY 07CANCELLED
Zadar - LiverpoolMAY 10CANCELLED
Zadar - MaastrichtMAY 11CANCELLED
Zadar - AarhusMAY 15CANCELLED
Zadar - HamburgMAY 15CANCELLED
Zadar - ToulouseMAY 16CANCELLED
Doha - DubrovnikMAY 18CANCELLED
Manchester - TivatMAY 21JUN 18
London Stansted - TivatMAY 21JUN 18
Stuttgart - BelgradeMAY 21JUN 02
Izmir - SkopjeMAY 23CANCELLED
Tel Aviv - LjubljanaMAY 23JUN 02
London Stansted - ZadarMAY 24JUN 17
Manchester - ZadarMAY 24JUN 17
Qassim - SarajevoMAY 25JUN 03
Monastir - ZagrebMAY 27JUN 24
Budapest - BelgradeMAY 27JUN 01
Rzeszow - ZadarMAY 28JUN 06
Malmo - SplitMAY 30CANCELLED

Air Serbia is the latest to cancel its planned new services, cutting six destinations which were to be inaugurated from Belgrade next month. Although the airline still has flights between Kraljevo and Thessaloniki set to launch as early as next week, the airport in Kraljevo isn’t expected to open for another month. “We will endeavour to operate as many scheduled flights as possible. Our team is carefully following the ongoing decisions of competent authorities”, the company said. LOT Polish Airlines, which also has a number of new services planned for the region, is expected to address its schedule within the next week, with most new routes expected to be cancelled.


RouteOriginal dateNew date
Kiev - ZagrebJUN 02 JUL 21
Belgrade - Amman JUN 01CANCELLED
Belgrade - GenevaJUN 01CANCELLED
Belgrade - ChisinauJUN 01CANCELLED
Belgrade - LvivJUN 01CANCELLED
Belgrade - Rostov-on-DonJUN 02CANCELLED
Brussels - OhridJUN 06JUN 13
Belgrade - FlorenceJUN 07CANCELLED
Kuwait City - SarajevoJUN 11CANCELLED
Tel Aviv - SkopjeJUN 11CANCELLED
Podgorica - LisbonJUN 22JUL 06
Vienna - PodgoricaJUL 03JUL 20
London Heathrow - PodgoricaJUL 04CANCELLED


  1. Anonymous09:03

    I;m waiting to see whather a single new route will be launched.

  2. Anonymous09:04

    Sad :( this would have been a fantastic year for most airports.

  3. Anonymous09:05

    Any idea when KLM may resume Zagreb? They just published their June schedule but unfortunately no ZAG yet.

    1. gti15011:17

      So what? You have Croatia airlines flight if you want to fly to Amsterdam.

    2. Anonymous11:18

      Well Croatia Airlines isn't flying to Amsterdam either!

    3. Anonymous11:27

      I think OU should restart AMS, it's one of their top performing routes. KL kind of struggled in ZAG and I doubt they will bring it back right away. They just added flights to key cities in the region.

  4. Anonymous09:05

    Summer is cancelled

  5. Anonymous09:06

    I was hoping that JU would launch new routes this summer, but corona, I understand

    1. Anonymous09:32

      As soon as the sh*t corona started, everybody started asking for a refund.

  6. Anonymous09:06

    Will Air Serbia considered the cancelled routes in the future?

    1. Anonymous09:08

      I assume so. But even if things settle, I don't expect any new routes next year.

    2. Anonymous09:12

      Geneva, Rostov-on-Don and Florence might be considered next year.

  7. Anonymous09:10

    Nice to see SKP see minimal cancellations or delays especially by Wizz. It really is a stable market.

    1. Anonymous09:12

      Pretty much all new routes planned for SKP have been cancelled.

    2. Anonymous09:13

      Unfortunately cuts are coming to Wizz's Skopje network and elsewhere.

    3. Anonymous09:25

      Wizz Air is not reducing SKP, if that was the case those cuts would already be in the system. From what I can see they will keep on maintaining the same schedule as initially planned.

    4. Anonymous09:26

      You are also detached from reality. Many routes will be reduced or cancelled in the next few months.

    5. Anonymous09:30

      "Wizz Air is not reducing SKP, if that was the case those cuts would already be in the system."

      I don't know if you have noticed, but they are also selling tickets for flights from next week and the airport is definitely not opening next week.

    6. Anonymous09:37

      SKP positions itself as the overperformer in the region. Look at the growth rates of the past years! Will stay like this, just the reduction will be minimal.

    7. Anonymous09:39

      I might not know everything but one thing I do know is that we have been hearing this and that about SKP, doomsday scenarios all around while in the end SKP only kept on growing. Those are facts. Sorry.

    8. Anonymous09:41

      SKP's biggest advantage is that it has no transfers so its passengers are not counted twice. Local demand is stable and economy won't collapse from corona. All this is making Wizz Air extremely confident in its performance here.

    9. Anonymous09:42

      And the staff that got fired from the SKP base is for what? Nothing?

    10. Anonymous09:44

      i expect the demand in SKP to be stable as it literally relies only on gasto and not on turist/busines.

    11. Anonymous09:46

      +10000000000 Last Anon, thta's what people on here don't understand about SKP. It also helps that country got richer in recent years so people can fly more often especially thanks to Wizz low fares

    12. Anonymous10:04

      Low fares lol

    13. Anonymous11:04

      Let's wait and see. I don't think things will be as rosy as some suggest, not just for Macedonia but for any market really.

    14. Anonymous11:56

      lets be honest it all depends on Wizz's overall situation, their SKP routes are/were succesful beyond our (and their) expectations but Macedonia like the whole region are at the end of the chain ... and we will always "suffer" for those at the top

      two examples: VIE got the two A321 from SKP even though nobody (Wizz,Lauda,Level) is making money in VIE at the moment but it helps reducing their cost(losses). Absurd but plausible

      another one: if they get access to Gatwick that will be ther main focus after the crisis... and we will just have to wait

    15. Anonymous12:43

      W6 already are slowly sneaking into LGW and trying to get a slice of the sweet cake. That said, this is U2 territory and will be difficult.
      Their latest LGW addition is SOF next month as it seems LTN is getting more exploited. It might be possible to have a LGW-SKP addition anytime soon.
      SKP needs more connections to London. There are many Macedonians with Bulgarian citizenship living in UK.

    16. Anonymous12:47

      What do you mean that they got two A321 from SKP?

    17. Anonymous16:16

      How many is many Anon 12:43? Can they fill a plane daily?

    18. Anonymous23:13

      Varadi announced that they will take at least one aircraft from every single base. It means that cuts are about the come. Expectedly, Wizz is waiting to see how will bookings go on and what will happen with corona in operating countries, so they are waiting for the last moment to announce what routes will be kept.

  8. Anonymous09:13

    Zagreb Airport looks soo nice :)

  9. There was that slight to reasonable chance Split could have taken top spot from Zagreb this year. Will be years before they get close again:


    1. Anonymous09:27

      This was supposed to be SPU's year. Makes you wonder when the tourist season will resume.

    2. Anonymous11:05

      Shame really. Just 6 passengers in April :( This was supposed to be the first full year of the shiny new terminal.

  10. Anonymous09:19

    So, all planed new Air Serbia flights canceled. Government said they will invest more in Air Serbia to take bigger part of market and now company will cancel all new routes?

    1. Anonymous09:23

      Are you for real? Do you see what's happening in the world? Apart from entry for foreigners banned into Serbia, including transfers, Serbian citizens can not enter any EU country. Russia is in complete lockdown and the situation is deteriorating there (Aeroflot will begin resuming international flights in July). So where do you expect Air Serbia to launch new routes to? Government will invest in the airline but they certainly won't be launching new routes during the coronacrisis. Who do you expect will fly. Some people here are so detached from reality.

    2. Anonymous09:25

      @9.19 I really wonder if you are just trolling or actually think Air Serbia should launch flights to a city like FLORENCE, ITALY in 2 weeks. I also wonder do you think there are any passengers that would show up to that flight.

    3. Anonymous09:27

      The government said they will invest once corona is gone. JU is still going to keep most routes it introduced the previous year. They are only suspending flights introduced this year plus HEL.

    4. Anonymous09:46

      Why are the transfers banned in Serbia?

    5. Anonymous09:52

      Ignore the troll

    6. Anonymous09:53

      They are not going to be banned after June 1st.

  11. Anonymous09:32

    99% of the routes in these tables which still haven't been cancelled won't be launched.

  12. Anonymous09:53

    Croatia is heavily hit this summer.

    So many cancelled flights.

  13. Anonymous10:32


  14. Anonymous12:00

    Any indication of when Nis might open?

    1. Anonymous12:04

      They said in a month.

  15. Anonymous12:31

    Kiev - Ljubljana with Windrose from June 4th 2020?
    Are you kidding?


    I have serious doubts for Zagreb in July too.

  16. Anonymous14:49

    it looks like the only thing that will be flying are flag carriers

  17. Expect further cuts when airlines realize that demand has collapsed due to mass unemployment in the EU.

  18. Anonymous17:31

    Seems like LO isn't slowing down. I see they revised their flights to BEG which start on 01.06 (all are zeroed out before that) and from then they have 9 weekly flights. They changed their schedule so on Saturdays they have no flights but for example on Sundays and Mondays they have two.

    That's very ambitious of them.

    1. Anonymous17:37

      LOT is grounded until May 30. I fear those flights from June 1 are simply automatically moved. I'm not sure they will actually start.

    2. Anonymous18:30

      Don't know, their BEG and ZAG schedules were actually modified so I think they will stay as is from 01.06. I think LO wants to make the most of it and to attack OS.

  19. Anonymous17:39

    Kuwait Airways cancelling Sarajevo is good news for FlyBosnia.

    1. Anonymous17:40

      Lack of QR flights will help them too, at least for their Kuwait City flights.

  20. Anonymous18:55

    Those of you worried passengers will not fly this summer should see thic picture from United Airlines flight from New York to San Francisco (6 hours!) from Saturday 9 May, just two days ago. Proof people will fly:


    source: CNN

    1. Anonymous19:21

      ...and how will the catering be served under masks?

    2. Anonymous19:25

      Not served. It's a great way for airlines to cut catering (ie costs) under the pretense of passenger safety. God forbid there is a loss of oxygen/cabin decompression. By the time you get your mask off to put another on you might be dead.

    3. Anonymous21:04

      No, you won't be dead. Even before covid airline regulations required parents to put on oxygen mask before helping one (or 2-3 kids you might have around) put them on and that is more than enough time before kids pass out let alone die.

      Point of that CNN photo is that airlines (in this case UA but also Wizz etc) won't even commit to blocking middle seat when passengers come back in large numbers, and they are starting to come back as countries (and states in the US) push for easing restrictions and reopening of economy. Airlines are desperate for revenue and won't block it unless forced by some regulation/law.

    4. Anonymous21:44

      Kazakhstan has already officially given up on the middle seat idea.

    5. Anonymous06:39

      I agree with Anon 19.25, the time it takes you will be dead by the time you put your own oxygen mask. Someone has really not thought this through. Hopefully sanity is restored and life can go back to normal.


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