Skopje and Ohrid airports to reopen


Macedonia’s two international airports - Skopje and Ohrid - will reopen for commercial traffic next Wednesday, July 1, the government has decided. The country will also lift all entry restrictions and requirements both for local and foreign nationals as of this Friday, June 23. Ohrid Airport has been closed since March 15, while Skopje shut its doors for commercial traffic on March 19. "Passemgers must arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight, put on a protective mask before entering the terminal building and keep it on until their journey ends at their final destination. They must also disinfect their hands at the entrance of the building and maintain a constant physical distance from others", the General Manger of airport operator TAV Macedonia, Alper Ersoy, said. Only arriving and departing travellers will be allowed inside the terminal building and only one entry poimt will be accessible in Skopje. "Since the first case of Covid-19 was recorded in the country, we started to clean and disinfect our facilities more often. Especially points that are the most susceptible to touching. For example, registration counters, doors and escalator handles, screens, elevator buttons, self-registration and luggage checkpoints, luggage trolleys and all other items identified as commonly used surfaces, are disinfected four times per day", Mr Ersoy added.

The country’s busiest carrier, Wizz Air, will restore operations from both cities next Wednesday. Other carriers which have announced their speedy return to Skopje include Austrian Airlines, Edelweiss Air, LOT Polish Airlines and Turkish Airlines.


  1. Anonymous13:35

    Welcome back!

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  3. Coming 3 hours before departure is certainly not a move to protect people from covid. Why to stay 3 hours in terminal which will have only a few daily flights?

    1. Anonymous19:19

      Some daily flights?!
      WizzAir operates 12 flights from SKP per day, and inclouding CHair and Edelweiss and Turkish Airlines i think there will be at least 15 flights per day.

  4. Anonymous16:42

    Makes a lot of sense to open the airport right when coronavirus situation in Macedonia is at its worst.

    1. Anonymous18:21

      My guess is that the economy can't handle it anymore.

    2. Anonymous18:30

      yeh, spread the disease.

    3. Anonymous18:31

      By that standard all airports in the world should be closed. There is an increase in cases pretty much everywhere across the globe at the moment.

    4. Anonymous09:57

      Indeed, can't afford anymore.
      But still all so silly.
      Macedonia has big Co19 issue and they open the international travel.
      Be there three hours before so the virus has better chances.
      Bo6e mo6e.


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