Podgorica and Tivat airports to get €1 million upgrade


Operator Airports of Montenegro will invest one million euros in upgrading the passenger terminals at Podgorica and Tivat airports. Podgorica Airport will receive 400.000 euros to overhaul its premium lounge which will be relocated from the ground floor to the gallery and stretch over 150 square metres. A total of 600.000 will be invested into the main terminal in Tivat. The funds will be used for the modernisation of the arrivals and departures hall, check-in area and the refurbishment of the business class lounge. Both airports were put up for concession earlier this year. However, the process stalled prior to the coronavirus pandemic and has been at a standstill ever since.

Podgorica Airport

New premium lounge
Tivat Airport


Premium lounge

Departures area

Arrivals area


  1. Anonymous13:50

    Didn't know simple repainting and decorative lighting cost so much these days. Tivat will still be the same shit as it was before, no fresh air in the departure area with hundreds of people cramped together. It's fun how they manage to launder money and steal from every possible business in that country.

  2. Anonymous13:56

    400k for a 150m lounge is a bit pricey, but hey, it is their money.

  3. Anonymous13:58

    This is simply pre-election pandering by the current CEO (politician). What about the concession of both TGD and TIV? According to the Prime Minister and Transport Minister, that is still going ahead...? Or am I missing something? Where will the money come for this? It was not included in the State Budget, nor in the Budget of Airports of Montenegro? Also, why are the renderings (excluding the TGD Business Lounge), simply renderings of the current Airport, with some nice new paint on the walls and new light fixtures? This is all a sham.

  4. Anonymous13:59

    What happened to the Duty Free shops? Wasn't their supposed to be a new operator there? Anyone know anything?

  5. Anonymous15:36

    It's nice, been in much worse equipped airports that still have the same furnishings from 1960.

  6. Anonymous15:58

    Montenegro keeps winning!

  7. Airports have the potential to make more than many airlines. Do we know how much the State paid JU for TGD and TIV?


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