Poland introduces Croatia flight ban


Poland will introduce a ban on all commercial flights to and from Croatia starting September 2, in an attempt to stem the flow of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. The measure will affect LOT Polish Airlines’ service between Warsaw and Zagreb, as well as six other seasonal routes to the Croatian coast. Furthermore, Wizz Air will be forced to end its flights from Warsaw and Katowice to Split earlier than planned. Croatia is one of 46 countries from which flights will be banned as of next week. As previously reported, a flight ban to Serbia will be lifted as of next Wednesday, however, all other markets in the former Yugoslavia, with exception to Slovenia, are now on the ban list.


  1. Anonymous12:56

    How many frequencies does LO have to ZAG? Anyonw know when they plan on returning to BEG and with how many flights?

    1. Jatovac13:03

      I bet they will return to Belgrade fast, so they can absorb ZAG route (to get ZAG passengers but via BEG) and also few passengers from BEG, because BEG-Poland market isn't that big

    2. Anonymous13:41

      I don't think they'll be back before they can carry transfers.

    3. Anonymous13:51

      The BEG flights are currently planned to resume on 17th of September. Might be moved forward,

    4. Anonymous14:00

      ^ Yep, planned at 5 weekly.

    5. Anonymous14:26

      God, I hope they come back. We desperately need a decent alternative to Chicago since LH group is suffocating the market. AF is also ok but they barely have daily flights on the A330.

    6. Anonymous17:43

      You can't fly to Chicago through WAW without going into quarantine upon arrival.

    7. Anonymous20:44

      If separate tickets are okay, try BEG-JFK (JU) + JFK-ORD (B6,AA,DL)

    8. Anonymous07:08

      Or simply fly on LX or TK into ORD, no quarantine then. Unlike EU citizens (Croatia included) Serbs are not banned from entering the US.

    9. Anonymous13:52

      Anyone know can Serbian citizens enter US with tourist visa (no entry into EU, Brazil, Iran or China in lasr 14 days)? Info would really help.

    10. Anonymous21:53

      Serbians and Croatians can enter the US with a valid visa, provided they haven't been in the Schengen area in the last 14 days. Same for all nations of former Yugoslavia, apart from Slovenia. The US entry restrictions concern the Schengen area + UK and Ireland, but not the whole of the EU, hence Croatia not affected.

      Travel via Belgrade to the US on Air Serbia is still possible without restrictions (not sure if they are still flying though), and of course on Turkish via Istanbul. Turkey is also not on the US entry restriction list.

      Here is the text of the presidential proclamation: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/proclamation-suspension-entry-immigrants-nonimmigrants-certain-additional-persons-pose-risk-transmitting-2019-novel-coronavirus/

  2. I opened this news only because of the photo of Peglica :)

    1. Anonymous14:12

      This, times million.
      Legendary photo :D

    2. Anonymous22:55

      Photos and a film by a group of fans:


    3. Anonymous09:19

      Peglica and a Q400! :)

      I would take one each please:)

    4. Anonymous11:32

      For Peglica lovers, a film showing transport of Fiat 126p (a Peglica manufactured in Poland) to Los Angeles to be delivered to Tom Hanks.


    5. Anonymous16:36

      Can you imagine what amount of negativity would be caused if Yugo had been painted like this on BEG?

    6. Anonymous17:27

      Yugo je vec glumio u desetak olivudskih filmova peglica ni u jednom.

    7. Anonymous17:52

      Let's paint Yugo into JU colors!! Doesnt metter if it is JAT or AS


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