Second attempt at Adria Airways brand sale


Adria Airways’ bankruptcy administrator has issued a call for the sale of the company’s brand name after an initial attempt earlier this year failed. The asking price has been halved from 100.000 euros to 50.000 euros. The deadline for the submission of bids has been set for September 28. Adria Airways’ former owner, 4K Invest, sold the Adria brand name to an affiliated company from Malta in 2016 for eight million euros in an attempt to present a profit in the airline’s financial books. Adria later acquired back the rights to its brand name after it absorbed the Maltese company in early 2019.


  1. Anonymous10:33

    This seems even more futile than Etihad-Air Serbia loan attempt.

  2. Anonymous11:27

    I thing it would be practical for JU to replace Aviolet with Adria (JP/ADR) for just 50.000 EUR. It can also be used on regional fleet or for let's say... "sensitive" destinations.

    1. +1000

      Your comment was certainly an eyebrow raiser. I immediately thought of BEG-PRN and maybe a few other destinations that are "sensitive".

    2. Anonymous13:52

      Buy an AOC just to operate BEG-PRN? And what would these other sensitive destinations be i wonder?

    3. Anonymous13:53

      This is not the AOC on sale. Just the name "Adria Airways". AOC was sold last year.

    4. Anonymous14:16

      Yep, just realised, my mistake

    5. Anonymous16:23

      Why even spend 50k on a brand name of a bankrupt company when one can create a new brand name for a sensitive destination!?!

  3. Anonymous13:36

    Worthless brand, only reason it will be sold is to launder money.

  4. Anonymous09:47

    Great investment.. Buy it for 50k EUR and then sold it to this Malta company again, with a discount, for, say, 4.000.000 EUR. :)


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