Travelling amid a pandemic from Zagreb to Singapore


Created by Clarisse Bay 

This depicts my journey from Zagreb to Singapore with a transit in at the new Istanbul Airport. See how it is like to travel during this pandemic, what are the precautions taken against the virus and the new norm of travelling. Upon arrival in Singapore, we were ushered directly to immigration, did the necessary formalities, and we were transported to a hotel for our 14-day stay home notice.

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  1. Anonymous09:15

    Wow there was no one to board that flight! How was the final load on the flight out of ZAG? Hopefully TK sticks around and doesn't follow Aeroflot, Aegean... even LH isn't returning from FRA until next summer. Hopefully the vaccine comes soon so that we can return to normal.

  2. Anonymous10:12

    TK offering a sandwich on a 10 hour flight from IST to SIN is disgraceful.

  3. Anonymous10:54

    that's a very nice place they designated as quarantine in Singapore

  4. A very well done report, thanks for sharing!

  5. Use a legible typeface next time. Anyway, the report is lacking esential details of the trip.


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