PHOTOS: Belgrade Airport’s control tower takes shape


The construction of the new 75-metre control tower at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is progressing on schedule with work set to be completed this September. The new facility, which also includes a two-level flight control centre at its base, will become operational from February 2022, once all of the latest equipment is fitted and tested. The five-month period will also allow for training and familiarisation programs to enable the safe transition from the existing facilities to the new control tower operation. “This is the biggest and most important project in the modernisation of Serbia’s air traffic control. We are building a 75-metre tall control tower with a 100 square metre control tower cab featuring the most advanced software and technology. Construction began in February 2020 and the tower will be put into use in February 2022, exactly sixty years since the opening of the existing air traffic control tower at Belgrade Airport”, the head of the Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency, Predrag Jovanović, said.

Photos compliments of Delta India Delta / ID Supreme Art


  1. Anonymous04:02

    BEG a go go!

  2. Anonymous10:41

    A rail terminal and you have yourselves a modern European airport.

    1. Anonymous11:27

      That's what I am saying all the time. Rail connection is a must and it would be cool to move whole railways closer to the airport, but if not, special link to he city would do as well.

    2. Anonymous13:51

      It is also relatively inexpensive to build given the location, existing infrastructure and flat as a pancake terrain. Good for the environment too. I'd pay €10-15 on top of my plane ticket to hop off/hop on and get to the center quickly like they do in most European capitals.

  3. Anonymous12:53

    An extension from Zemun train station to BEG airport is planned as part of the Beovoz suburban railway line Surčin- Novi Beograd.

  4. I think extension of the metro system is planned to the airport. Better than rail, I think


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