Wizz Air terminates two EX-YU routes


Wizz Air has terminated flights from Budapest to both Pristina and Sarajevo, which have not been in operation since the coronavirus pandemic struck Europe last March. The services were subsidised by the Hungarian government as part of an initiative to improve Budapest’s connectivity to the Balkans. In the former Yugoslavia, the airline will continue to maintain operations from the Hungarian capital to Podgorica and Skopje. Flights are currently scheduled to resume in April, however, this is likely to change.


  1. unlucky, i think wizz should come to LJU, maybe even a base!

  2. Anonymous14:11


  3. Anonymous14:25

    Great. Those routes made no sense whatsoever.

  4. Anonymous15:17

    Some less CO2 thrown into the atmosphere. Wise choice.

  5. Anonymous20:57

    What about BUD-TIA? It was the 5th subsidized route to the Balkans.


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