Air Serbia to resume Italy flights


Air Serbia will restore operations between Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and Rome’s Fiumicino Airport in April after nine months. Services will resume on April 30 and operate twice per week, each Monday and Friday, with the Airbus A319 aircraft. Depending on the epidemiological situation and the consequential travel restrictions, a third weekly rotation it scheduled for Sundays, starting June 13. Air Serbia will be the only airline linking Serbia and Italy, offering up to 864 seats per week in both directions during the summer season. “We are glad to re-establish the air link to Italy and add another destination to our current network. We are committed to re-establishing flights wherever the epidemiological situation and consequential travel restriction allow us to do so and we aim to offer wider scale connectivity to Serbia and the entire region. Italy represents a very important market for us, not only because it is traditionally of interest for our passengers, but also because of its importance in terms of economic cooperation and trade”, Jiri Marek, Air Serbia’s General Manager for Commercial and Strategy, said. Services to Bologna, Milan and Venice, which were operated by Air Serbia prior to the Covid-19 pandemic are yet to be scheduled. Air Serbia discontinued flights to Rome in March 2020 and restored the service for a two-week period in July before Italy introduced a ban on flights from a number of countries from the former Yugoslavia, including Serbia. In April 2020, Air Serbia operated eight special flights to Rome, delivering aid to combat the pandemic.


  1. Vlad15:27

    Hopefully MXP is next!

    1. Anonymous17:26

      That's where you live, right?

    2. Vlad18:22

      Correct :)

  2. Anonymous15:29

    Very good decision.

    It seems it is not anymore forbidden for Air Serbia to fly to Italy.

    Anyhow it was from the beginning silly decision as passengers with residence permit could have entered Italy but flying via some of LH hubs.

  3. Anonymous16:09

    JU will also have many transfers on the route.

  4. Anonymous17:22

    And INI?

    1. Anonymous20:47

      No INI for the time being.


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