Aeroflot delays Montenegro return


Aeroflot has delayed the resumption of its flights between Moscow and Tivat until further notice. Services were initially to be restored over the May Day holidays with tickets on sale, however, those have now been removed. The airline is offering flights to Tivat via Belgrade in cooperation with its codeshare partner Air Serbia. Russian holidaymakers in Montenegro have urged authorities to enable nonstop services after the recent ban on flights between Russia and Turkey until June left them stranded in Tivat and Podgorica as many used Turkish Airlines to fly between the two countries. Air Serbia has hiked its fares between Tivat and Moscow in response. Moscow is Tivat’s busiest route. In the pre-pandemic 2019, a total of 631.571 passengers flew between the two cities, making it the busiest city-pair from any former Yugoslav market. That same year, Moscow was also Air Serbia’s busiest transfer destination to and from Tivat with over 7.300 passengers connecting between the two.


  1. Anonymous13:47

    'Air Serbia has hiked its fares between Tivat and Moscow in response.'

    They always do this. When they have a semblance of domination they go crazy with fares. They think that just because they don't have anyone now they won't have anyone ever. With high fares they just irritate their clients who will refuse to fly with them the moment someone steps in. Just like they think they can be competitive on BEG-IST with their 35 year old ATRs when TK and Pegasus send their state of the art aircraft.

    1. Anonymous14:23

      Uhm. Just like any other airline? Wizz to not-Paris and barely-London? I remember Ryan on ATH-CIA route being more expensive than Aegean on ATH-FCO. Or better saying - just like any other business.

    2. Anonymous14:41

      This is the case with almost every airline in the world. This is literally how the industry works.

  2. Anonymous14:42

    Great news for BEG! More passengers, more flights and more income. Hopefully we get more flights to Moscow since the ones we have now are not enough.


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