Air Montenegro shelves planned Lyon service


Air Montenegro has cancelled plans to introduce a limited summer service between Podgorica and Lyon. Flights were to operate once per week from September 18 until October 2 with the Embraer E195 jet. Ticket sales have been suspended. Air Montenegro’s predecessor, Montenegro Airlines, previously served Lyon on a seasonal basis from 2015 until its demise in 2020.


  1. Anonymous10:39

    Finally some good news for Air Serbia. Now can have at least some more transfer pax.

    1. Anonymous10:42

      Yes, they cover LYS via GVA.

    2. Anonymous10:43

      You really think a grand total of 3 flights would have impacted them? Especially a route which was scheduled 2 weeks ago.

    3. Anonymous11:10

      I think so, yes. Don't forget that Air Serbia has become the king of Montenegrin market. They operate over 80 weekly flights thus offering unparalleled flexibility to its customers. This is something no one else can offer and this has become a major competitive advantage.

    4. Anonymous11:46

      They are only Kings in Tivat.
      In Podgorica they already struggle to fill their A319s and have to deploy most of the time the Atrs .

    5. Anonymous12:27

      ATR is only deployed in the evening and that was the scenario from day 1. Actually they don't have free Airbuses as that period coincides with the evening European wave and any free larger capacity is deployed to Tivat.
      Don't forget that on Sundays the A332, a widebody, flies on BEG-TGD.

    6. Anonymous16:23

      @11:10 and @11:46 it is hard to say that they are kings of TIV / TGD, despite multiple daily flights there are days when travel from Russia to either TGD or TIV is very challenging and requires an overnight in Beg. Their biggest flow of passengers is from RU to Montenegro and they haven't adjusted well their schedule. Of if arriving on SU then connecting to TIV but that is expensive like hell. I wanted to travel on 11 Sept / 12 Sept, I ended up overnighting in Beg.

  2. Anonymous11:24

    I really wonder what these guys plan on doing during the winter months and I can't wait to see how massive their loss for 2021 will be.

    1. Anonymous11:42

      They could lease out their planes to JU. The Embraers would be the perfect ac for routes with lower loads in winter.

    2. Anonymous11:54

      And JU would would what with their lease payments on Airbus fleet while Embraer flies for them? It's not that simple...

    3. Anonymous11:56

      Wasnt there an agreement with their lessors, that in Corona times they only have to pay lease if their aircraft are actually flying?

    4. Anonymous11:59

      Air Montenegro has a full schedule for winter and will not be leasing out planes so I don't understand the point of this discussion.

    5. Anonymous12:14

      What destinations will they fly in winter?

    6. Anonymous20:10


      Correct, power by the hour as they call it. But what do you do with pilots, cabin crew, maintenance since they won't be operating those Airbuses? Send them home with pay.. Or worse, without pay?

  3. Anonymous13:32

    Maybe flights to TIV would make more sense

  4. Anonymous23:32

    Why don't they look into Moscow? Could be an option for them.


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