Belgrade - St Petersburg route outperforms pre-Covid era


Flights between Belgrade and St Petersburg are performing better this year than prior to the coronavirus pandemic, when the route was served seasonally by Air Serbia. This year, the Serbian carrier restored two weekly flights between the two cities in June, while Aeroflot and Nordwind Airlines each inaugurated one weekly rotation that same month. Over 11.000 passengers have flown between the two cities on the nonstop services since June, representing an increase of 49% on the same period in 2019. Air Serbia is considering upgrading the route to year-round operations.


  1. Anonymous14:19

    Seems like the demand is growing between BEG & LED. Room for all three airlines.

  2. Anonymous18:08

    No wonder, Venice of the north is definitely on my bucket list

  3. Anonymous19:03

    Air Serbia used to fly in 2019 3x times per week. Now we have four flights and increase of 49% which means that this demand is generated mostly by Russian airlines or am I wrong? This data shows that there are space for launching new destinations across Russia.


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