TRIP REPORT: Air Serbia, Belgrade - New York


This was my second flight with Air Serbia between Belgrade and New York, flying for the first time on their A330 last September and taking my second flight with them this August. Although the aircraft type was the same, it was a different jet since the airline replaced its previous aircraft with another one, which includes new interiors. Traveling to the USA is currently less complicated for Serbian citizens than to some EU states. If you have a US visa, which is relatively easy to obtain, you only need a negative rapid test to head to New York.

I arrived at Belgrade Airport which was very busy. I entered through the old Terminal 1 only to find huge lines everywhere, comprised of mostly Indian travellers. On one side there was a line with passengers waiting at the post office counter to pay for the PCR test and the other line was for the actual test to be conducted. I later read that Indian nationals returning to the UAE actually need to do a rapid test a few hours before their flight, which explained the huge lines.

I headed to Terminal 2 and checked-in at the dedicated check-in desks for the New York flight. As a business class passenger, I could use the fast lane for passport control and then headed to the Air Serbia lounge. The lounge was also very busy since it is now used by several airlines, and not only Air Serbia. Even the receptionist at the entrance was helping out, serving passengers in the lounge. In addition, there were many passengers from the New York flight, which was full in both business and economy. Despite there being so many people, a staff member was quick to approach and ask what I wanted to drink and eat. I didn’t want to fill up too much in the lounge and just had some cake.

Boarding commenced a good 40 minutes prior to departure. I prefer the new cabins compared to the previous ones. The seating is 1-2-1 configuration for the most part although there are two rows with 1-2-2 seating. If flying solo, I would recommend selecting the odd numbered window seats as they are more private compared to the even numbered ones since the seat itself is closer to the window than the aisle. Waiting at each seat was a blanket, pillow, menu, headphones and amenity kit. Pre-departure drinks were offered, and I had some champagne. Prior to departure, meal choices were taken by the crew, who informed passengers that meals could be served at any time. Most of the passengers in the business cabin were foreigners, or at least English speaking.

I opted to eat after departure. I chose the Serbian mezze as the starter, the mekike for the main and some chocolate cake for dessert. Since I’m vegetarian and there were no vegetarian starters, I asked the crew member if they could just serve the dish without the meat, which she reluctantly agreed to. The food was nicely presented and was very tasty. There was also an extensive beverage menu, including alcoholic drinks.

Later on in the flight, I had some fruit and cheese, as well as the cocoa pancakes with a mix of cereals, honey and fresh berries which were delicious.

The entertainment system is average. There are a couple of movies and TV shows on offer. I must note that the cabin crew also seemed average based on their demeanour. The person that was attending my seat seemed quite bothered and annoyed that I ordered fruit and the pancakes and was on verge of asking me haven’t I had enough to eat. Considering this is a 10-hour flight, I didn’t think it was unreasonable to order something a few hours before touch down. Her whole vibe throughout the flight was that she didn’t want to be there.

Other than that, the flight was nice, and I enjoyed Air Serbia’s new business class cabin, which had comfortable lie-flat seats, good catering and amenities. If flying business class you can also get Air Serbia-branded pyjamas and slippers, but they are not proactively offered to passengers, so just ask the crew and they will bring you the sleeping pack :)

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  1. Anonymous09:38

    Great trip report, thanks for sharing! I think JU has a pretty decent long haul Business product - The food in particular looks great.

  2. Anonymous09:59

    Great report! Thanks

  3. Anonymous10:47

    What an attitude from the cabin crew. She can better go work in the luggage basement.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX12:58

    Thanks for the report and the photos. Food looks good and the C Class product decent. Glad to see that they are still offering a nice Business class product on JU

  5. Anonymous13:38

    Hard product looks more and more dated and tired... If / when additional widebody arrives they should consider stepping it up...

  6. Anonymous17:27

    Great report, thank you. Business class seats are exactly the same as in couple of leading airlines of the world. Food and beverage service looks excellent. Can't wait to try it!

  7. Anonymous20:26

    A nice read

  8. Anonymous21:22

    How does the food compare on BEG-JFK, & JFK-BEG?

    1. Anonymous22:50

      You have the full menu on their website.

    2. Anonymous02:56

      Does that include taste and quality? I wanted to hear from someone who has traveled both ways.

    3. Anonymous13:02

      Just came back from a flight on this aircraft. I flew economy, so my food options were limited. The NYC bound vegetation meal of gnocchi was quite good (I prefer chicken, but they were out by the time they got to me). The economy cabin hasn't changed much from the old to the new aircraft. Still have duct tape holding doors closed in the middle lavatories. Cabin crew was pleasant as always.

  9. Anonymous13:05

    Do they still use Etihad's lounge on JFK?

    1. Anonymous13:38

      Etihad no longer has its own lounge in JFK. Also Air Serbia moved to Terminal 1.

  10. Nice flight in business from NY to Belgrade, but I preferred the business class seating in the older plane. More comfortable seats, food was a little better and it had wifi. How v
    Can anyone go 9-10 hours without wifi????

    1. Anonymous16:33

      Food is the same - even some of the dishes are exactly the same. And not only that, you will have difficulty finding any European airline offering so many meal choices.

    2. Anonymous18:06

      @Patruns, the flight was BEG - JFK.

  11. Business Class and no vegetarian dish in 2021?


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