Skopje Airport sees strong start to the year


Skopje Airport welcomed 112.895 passengers during the first month of the year, representing an increase of over 100% on 2021. The airport has now reached 68.7% of its pre-pandemic traffic from 2020 and 74% on 2019. During the month, Skopje’s commercial aircraft movements stood at 954, up from 601 last year but still down 28.2% and 23.3% on January 2020 and 2019 respectively. February will mark the last full month Skopje Airport will be operational 24 hours a day before it begins its fifty-day runway overhaul from March 28 until May 16, during which air traffic will take place only from 17.30 in the afternoon until 9.00 in the morning the following day.


  1. Anonymous16:55

    Not a bad start. Shame we won't know the airport's true potential this year since it will be closed for almost two months.

    1. Anonymous17:21

      It won't be closed but it won't work for 16 1/2 hrs.

  2. nice rebound !


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