Ukrainian cargo plane originating from Niš crashes in Greece

A 51-year-old Antonov An-12BK cargo plane operated by Ukraine's Meridian Air Cargo that departed Niš this evening and was heading to Amman in Jordan has crashed near the city of Kavala in North-eastern Greece. Eyewitnesses said the aircraft was on fire before it crashed and that they had heard explosions. According to media reports, the cargo aircraft requested clearance to make an emergency landing at nearby Kavala Airport after issues with one of its engines, but did not manage to reach the runway. There were eight crew members on the aircraft, all of which are presumed dead. Serbia's Defence Minister, Nebojša Stefanović, said that the Antonov An-12 was transporting almost eleven tonnes of Serbian-made weapons to Bangladesh. It was due to make stops in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and India before reaching its final destination of Dhaka. Despite the cargo being carried by a Ukrainian carrier, so far, there is no indication of any connection with the war in Ukraine.

Aircraft flight path


  1. Anonymous00:06

    Sad, condolences to all involved. That is one old machine.

  2. Anonymous00:56

    6 crew members on board via latest report.
    Condolences to their families

    Seems like they were doing quite a bit of flying in exyu over the past two days

  3. Anonymous14:57

    All my condolences to all the families involved

  4. Anonymous16:56

    5 year old plane???!!!

  5. Anonymous16:57

    51yr old I meant to say..

  6. Anonymous21:43

    Why didn't they just fly straight to Limnos, they would make it?

    1. It was closed at the time apparently; they would make it otherwise...

  7. Anonymous07:28

    Arms transport?

  8. He was in Beg a few weeks ago, I wanted to take a picture of it but couldn't make it in time.

    Very sad outcome.


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