Wizz Air to discontinue Tuzla service


Wizz Air plans to discontinue operations between Tuzla and Vaxjo at the end of the peak summer travel period. The termination is unrelated to the airline's temporary suspension of a number of routes in the region due to staffing shortages. The last flight between the two cities is planned for August 26, after which ticket sales have been suspended. The airline has been maintaining two weekly operations between the two.


  1. Anonymous14:15

    Guess there is little demand on that route. I actually always learn more about Swedish and German villages names on this blog :) I mean we all heard of Stockholm or Gothenburg but Vaxjo? :)

  2. Anonymous15:48

    Just discontinuing routes without launching any new ones, reducing capacity all over. Smells like a base closure.

  3. Anonymous01:49

    MXP to LYBE by Wizzair?

    1. Anonymous15:55

      They loaded it in the system when they announced the first expansion in 2020, but it never happened unfortunately.

  4. If they hiring staff, there would not be all this drama... just another lie


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