Turkish Cargo launches Zagreb trucking service


Turkish Cargo has begun a new daily road feeder service between Budapest and Zagreb airports. The new trucking operation enables cargo to be delivered from Turkish Airlines’ Budapest flights to Zagreb the day after arrival. Turkish Airlines maintains a double daily service to the Hungarian capital, in addition to four weekly freighter flights. Turkish Cargo already offers trucking services from Budapest to Belgrade and Ljubljana.


  1. Anonymous13:32

    Never saw turkish branded trucks on the road; are they using local companies?

    1. Anonymous15:22

      Yes. They're represented by a GSA - General Sales Agent who sells space for TK and others and organises local transport which is this Road Feeder. In the Balkan region, almost all airlines are represented by GSA, not by their own offices. Think of it as a middle man who earns money by upselling services. In modern world a totally outdated position, but still very lucrative and profitable in this region.
      GSA's work with local trucking companies and just order a full load truck from ZAG to BUD for example, or LJU to VIE/BUD for example.

    2. Anonymous20:16

      Thankd for the explanation.

    3. JU520 BEGLAX00:27

      @ anonym 1522h

      GSA? Outdated position? It used to be a time where all the larger airlines with widebody capacity to a certain dest had their own office at that destination. One daily widebody easy 4-6 people. Today GSAs are handling airlines with 2-3 people in case they are online widebody. Some have 5-6 daily flights and there are not more than 7-8 GSA people. Airlines have saved billions in costs with GSA representations all over the world. And where some carriers are cutting their complete set-up and go for call centers abroad, GSA represented carriers are benefiting from GSAs with strong local set ups and good reachability.

    4. Anonymous21:01

      you will see Turkish cargo branded trucks on Balkan region from next week

  2. Anonymous21:50

    Air Serbia should have included a cargo agreement in their recent negotiations with TK.

  3. Anonymous21:13

    GSA for Turkish cargo in Serbia have their own trucks and as I heard they will start to use this oporunity in near future


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