Tuzla Airport eyes Turkey and Middle East flights


Tuzla Airport is preparing for a busy winter season ahead, with Wizz Air to introduce a new service to Eindhoven and boost frequencies on several routes following the closure of its Sarajevo base, while Ryanair will introduce operations to the city. The airport is now setting its sights for new routes further afield. “We have requested for the airport’s management to seek out airlines to operate flights from Turkey and the Middle East. They are working on it, and I hope we will soon welcome these carriers”, the Minister for Transport, Trade and Tourism of the Tuzla cantonal government, Mustafa Šakić, said. Wizz Air has also said it plans to launch new routes out of the city next summer as it shifts its focus to Tuzla.


  1. Anonymous15:15

    Who is going to fly from Tuzla to the Middle East??

  2. Anonymous17:58

    Excatly, I hate traveling from Tuzla. I am living abroad (Germany) as many of us do. I flew to Sarajevo, but right now, Tuzla is my cheaper version. I think they are the only airport with that stupid airport tax you need to pay in advance before pass control (1 EUR/2 BAM). The management is also bit rude. They should try introducing something like Ryanair to Croatian coast, cause the streets through Bosnia to coast are not good. But Middle East no way

    1. Anonymous20:18

      Probably for the tourists. Bosnia has been receiving more and more middle eastern tourists every year that you see them all year long especially in Sarajevo where Hotels specifically catering to them are plentiful

    2. Anonymous20:24

      It's just more "premium" for them (middle-eastern tourists) to fly to a bigger airport and in the capital city of B&H which is Sarajevo. Tuzla airport is in an incredibly bad location.

  3. Anonymous13:22

    It seems like Tuzla airport is Bosna's(the name is not Bosnia) version of Nis airport: a convenient and inexpensive way for expats to visit home any time.

  4. Anonymous13:59

    You forgot BNX with more carriers and better connections


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