Denmark’s Sunclass to launch Croatia service


Sunclass Airlines, the successor to Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, will introduce a new seasonal service between Stockholm and Split with its 220-seat Airbus A321 aircraft. The airline also plans to deploy its 396-seat A330-300 jet on its second last flight of the season, on September 11. The new service will run once per week, each Friday, from May 5 until September 22. Changes remain possible. Croatia Airlines, SAS Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle will operate between the Swedish capital and Croatia’s second largest city this summer. Further details for the new Sunclass service can be found here.


  1. Anonymous13:44

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous14:05

    396 seats on an A330? Well, that's worse than canned sardines.

    1. Anonymous14:15

      One and half hour to the Sun.

    2. Anonymous20:07

      Yes, all economy 330-300 version. I believe Air Transat has the same sardine configuration and they take you waaaaay longer than 2hr! LoL

    3. Anonymous02:14

      Air Transat operates one A330-300 with 346 seats (12J 2-2-2 and 334Y 2-4-2)

    4. Cebu Pacific even had 436 seats on their 330-300s. Now replaced by A330-900s with an even crazier 459 seats. Well, that's a LCC DNA.

  3. Anonymous18:32

    I like it

  4. Anonymous08:43

    Bravo Split!


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