Air Montenegro still seeking long-term jet lease


Air Montenegro is still seeking the long-term dry-lease for two Embraer aircraft. The carrier originally launched tender procedures for the two jets back in October, with the aim for the units to be delivered by March, however, it has now extended the deadlines. Based on the original tender documents, the aircraft must have been manufactured in 2006 or later. The jets will be dry-leased for between three and a half and six years. Only E190 and E195 aircraft in an all-economy class layout with at least 110 seats will be taken into consideration. “The decision for the selection of the most favourable offer or the decision for the cancellation of the procurement procedure will be made in a new, extended period due to the implementation of the second phase of the negotiation procedure and the complexity of selecting the most favourable bidder for the procurement in question”, Air Montenegro said. It added, “The new deadline has been set for April 6”. Air Montenegro has already negotiated the wet-lease for one Airbus A320 aircraft from Trade Air and one E190 from Windrose Airlines for the summer.


  1. Anonymous11:04

    Well, there are three Embraers with matching features currently parked, ready to fly immediately. They just need to address Marathon Airlines management ...

    1. Anonymous11:07

      Those planes are no longer with Marathon. And will soon be leased by another airline in the immediate region.

    2. Anonymous11:16

      Starting with A and ending with A

    3. Anonymous11:58


    4. Anonymous12:07

      Air Crna Gora?

    5. Anonymous15:48

      Acroatia Airlinesa?

  2. Anonymous13:07

    Air SerbiA?

  3. Anonymous09:59

    a ima li fokera za najam?


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