SAS to restore Pristina service


SAS Scandinavian Airlines will resume seasonal summer flights between Copenhagen and Pristina following a four-year hiatus. Services will commence on July 3 and initially run once per week, increasing to two weekly from August 8 until the service concludes on August 21. In total, the airline will offer 3.960 seats on the route, maintaining the service with its 180-seat Airbus A320neo aircraft. It will compete directly against Norwegian between the two cities. Further flight details can be found here.


  1. Anonymous13:36

    Any idea why they are avoiding Ljubljana?

    1. Anonymous13:37

      its not only Ljubljana they are avoiding in ExYu

    2. Anonymous13:50

      SKP also

    3. Anonymous13:55

      Would rather see an LCC like Norwegian launch Stockholm and Oslo

  2. Anonymous17:53

    What is the point of these flights to SJJ and PRN which last 1 month,

    1. Anonymous18:09

      To use the maximum of seasonality, I guess. Copenhagen is a decent hub and people could use it to transfer through it. However, Scandinavia in general is well connected with airports that are near PRN.

      Nis is connected with Stockholm, while Skopje has direct flights to Malmo (being 30min from Copenhagen), so why would SAS make it a year round route?

      AirSerbia covers almost all major Scandinavian cities (but Bergen and Trondheim, and if you look at wider Nordics, you can add Helsinki and Reykjavik) and charges decently and is being super competitive, so SAS does not have any major interest entering a market that is already covered with more than one airline. These seasonal flights are probably for them to use the gap between lower supply and higher demand during the period.

    2. Anonymous19:04

      @17.53 school holidays

      @18.09 what has JU to do with PRN destinations??

    3. Anonymous20:10

      Anonymous19:04 SJJ was also a question, and JU does have multiple daily flight to SJJ that can bring people from B&H to Scandinavia by transferring at BEG for a competitive price and relatively short travel time. Additionally, JU also flies to SKP, TIA and INI that are close by and that can be used by citizens of Kosovo* and visitors of it for traveling. All 3 airports are no longer than 2 hour drive away (which is a travel time from a Belgrade suburb to BEG by public transport). So yes, as major regional airline JU does have to do will almost all airports, directly or indirectly.

      *This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSC 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence

    4. Anonymous10:15

      its ok, but they (PRN) have OS,TK,Swiss for transfers plus Norwegian direct flights to Scandinavia (incl .CPH) so I doubt they will go to INI or SKP to catch a JU flight. TIA and SKP have direct flights to CPH as well

    5. Anonymous16:10

      SKP and TIA are reasonable travel time wise but INI is way too far away


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