New terminal for Priština

New Priština Airport terminal
The Turkish-French consortium Limak Holding and Aeroport de Lyon, which will be running Priština’s airport for the next 20 years, have announced plans for a brand new terminal. Construction of the new terminal is expected to begin by the end of the month, Nihat Ozdemir from Limak told local press. The price tag for the new terminal is expected to amount to 140 million Euros together with supporting infrastructure. The planned investments foresees a 27.000 square meter terminal building, a 77.000 square meter apron and runway, a new traffic control tower, car park facilities with a capacity for 1.750 vehicles and fuel tanks and the refurbishment of airport access roads. Ozdemir believes that the construction of the brand new terminal should be completed within 18 months.

Meanwhile, the low cost airline Jetairfly, from Belgium, has announced that it will commence scheduled flights from Brussels to Priština on June 10. Flights will operate twice per week, every Monday and Friday. Flight details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.


  1. Dreamliner09:46

    Good on them? Well done. Just want to give advice to some bus company either from Macedonian side or Kosovo. Since no one wants to fly to SKP , maybe is better some bus companies they operate PRN airport – SKP city , the route can go trough PRN city , I don’t mind that. The number of passengers will increase; they just need to match the time table for departing/arriving on low cost airlines.

  2. Purger10:12

    PRN is one of the bigges airport in exYU, with much more than 1 milion pax per year. I just remeber that during Yugoslavia PRN was not even open every day, and they have just few flights (summer 1991):

    --3-5-7 JP PRN-ZRH with D93
    ----5-7 JU PRN-BEG with D93/733

    ...and look them now!!! Bravo!

  3. Lukavi Bosanac!11:20

    Bravo Kosovo, vi bogami dobro naprdujete! Svaka cast! Terminal izgleda kao prava idea! :D

    Pozdrav svima gradjanima Kosova, bez obzira na religiju ili etnicke pripadnosti, a posebno mojim Bosancima na Kosovu!

  4. Anonymous12:50

    Bosanaca na Kosovu nema koliko ja znam!!!

  5. Lukavi Bosanac!12:58

    Ima ima, samo ne dosta haha! Najvise sto ih ima je u Pristini i u Prizrenu.

  6. Anonymous14:49

    I od mene puno pozdrava za Bosance na Novom Zelandu

  7. Best of luck to Limak-Aeroport dy Lyon on this business venture. The positive news so far is that they don't seem delusional and have not made ridiculous claims, at least not yet. The new terminal will most likely get three jetways and the target is 4 million passengers within the 20 year lease, ambitious but not delusional.

    There is no doubt that PRN has done brilliantly well in the last decade. The secret I think is that no airline got preferential treatment and there is an open market. No 'domestic' airline to protect, to put it that way.

    Now, I'm really excited about Lufthansa's first flight. Also, really glad that PRN is finally getting a direct connection to the European capital, Brussels. Good luck Jetairfly!

    P.S. Guys, thanks for all the kind words. What a good change for people to be civil ;)

  8. JU520 BEGLAX15:27


    1985/86: JAT Yugoslav Airlines Long-haul Network
    Posted: 21 Jan 2011 12:11 AM PST
    As per Official Airline Guide – Worldwide Edition JAN 1986, JAT Yugoslav Airlines’ long-haul operation during Winter 1985/86 season as follows.
    In total, the airline operated 4 weekly to New York JFK; 3 weekly each to Dubai and Singapore; 2 weekly each to Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Melbourne and Sydney; 1 weekly each to Cleveland and Kuala Lumpur. All service operated by DC10.
    Routing as follows:

    2 weekly
    JU504 Belgrade – Zagreb – New York JFK
    JU505 New York JFK – Zagreb – Belgrade
    1 weekly
    JU506 Belgrade – Zagreb – New York JFK – Chicago
    JU507 Chicago – New York JFK – Zagreb – Belgrade
    1 weekly
    JU508 Belgrade – Ljubljana – New York JFK
    JU509 New York JFK – Ljubljana – Belgrade
    1 weekly
    JU556 Belgrade – Zagreb – Montreal – Toronto
    JU557 Toronto – Montreal – Zagreb – Belgrade
    1 weekly
    JU560 Belgrade – Zagreb – Toronto – Montreal
    JU561 Montreal – Toronto – Zagreb – Belgrade
    1 weekly
    JU566 Belgrade – Ljubljana – Cleveland – Chicago
    JU569 Chicago – Cleveland – Ljubljana – Belgrade
    2 weekly
    JU580 Belgrade – Dubai – Singapore – Melbourne – Sydney
    JU581 Sydney – Melbourne – Singapore – Dubai – Belgrade
    1 weekly (Subject to Government Approval)
    JU590 Belgrade – Dubai – Kuala Lumpur – Singapore
    JU595 Kuala Lumpur – Singapore – Dubai – Belgrade

    later on they were operating to Detroit, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Bombay, Karachi, Calcutta, Beijing and had plans to fly to Seoul and Caracas in the early 90s

  9. Nezavisna Republika Srpska18:16

    The terminal looks like crap in my opinion and is certainly not needed as Pristina is a small city, the only profitable routes out of Pristina are the ones to the UK,Germany and Switzerland. Podgorica should consider getting a new terminal instead.

  10. Anonymous18:58

    Well what routes does Podgorica have that are profitable. Plus why would podgrocia news a new airport when it's much smaller than prishtina. You must be smoking crack!

  11. Pristina is getting some interesting new connections...

  12. Anonymous23:47

    We should be happy for any positive aviation development in any part of the ex-Yu.