Ryanair to skip Montenegro in 2012

No Ryanair flights to Montenegro until 2013
Europe’s largest low cost airline, Ryanair, won’t be commencing flights to Montenegro before 2013. Originally, the airline was planned to inaugurate flights to Podgorica this winter season but negotiations between Ryanair and the Montenegrin government broke down after it requested for the no frills airline carry 100.000 passengers out of Podgorica in one year and a further 50.000 passengers during the low season, from October until May. Petar Ivanović, the head of the Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investments in Montenegro, said recently that Ryanair won’t start flights to the country next year either because the government has missed its opportunity to attract the carrier. He outlined that Ryanair has already compiled a list of destinations it will launch in 2013 and neither Podgorica nor Tivat is on it.

Ryanair flights to Montenegro would not only provide inexpensive travel but also allow for passenger growth at Montenegro’s airports. In the first ten months of the year Podgorica Airport handled 528.577 passengers while rival Tivat welcomed 624.009 passengers. Tivat has seen significant passenger growth, already surpassing the 2010 end of year result when it handled 541.386 passengers.

Currently, no low cost airline operates flights to Montenegro, with the exception of the semi low cost Air Berlin which maintains seasonal summer flights from Nuremberg to Tivat. It is estimated that many passengers looking for inexpensive travel to and from Montenegro are turning to Dubrovnik in Croatia instead.


  1. I mentioned this in the previous post so I will mention it here as well.
    In 2012 (February 1st) Qatar will launch flights to Zagreb from Doha.

    It will be interesting to see how the route performs taken that they do not fly to Sydney.

  2. Belgrade is also loaded as a destination in the system so it should be interesting to see if that means anything...

  3. JU520 BEGLAX14:14


    any timings?
    a friend of mine who works at QR was just on visit over the weekend but did not knew anything about flights to ex YU.

    A big toast to Jatko!! Does he still lives in Australia?

  4. Probably flights via MUC and FRA in cooperation with LH. That is what Qatar Airways' website is offering for february...

  5. Flights were only announced today so I am sure that they will start loading them in the system soon enough.

  6. Just checked Qatar Airways website.

    New flights for 2012 : Zagreb, Helsinki, Perth, Mombasa, and 2 more African destinations, as well as one more in Saudiarabia.

    p.s. Sorry for OT

  7. JU520 BEGLAX16:17


    right just got a confirmation email from Swiss Travel Inside magazine: They confirmed QR is going to ZAG

    It s perfect news for Zagreb plus surrounding places in Slovenia or Hungary

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  9. Anonymous17:01

    Woow, what a great news for Zagreb, hope it will work good :)

  10. My apologies for the off - topic, but I cannot refrain from sharing this.


  11. Anonymous17:55

    Most probably hungarians won't go to ZAG while Qatar has a daily BUD-DOH flight.

  12. Anonymous19:43

    Fantastic news for ZAG and QR, congrats! Though, it's strange, they're omnipresent now in the region (SOF, OTP, ZAG, BUD), but left out BEG, which is significantly inferior only to BUD in terms of pax. Is it a deal between QR and EK/FZ?

    Hopefully, loads are good and ZAG soon gets something better than A320 that operates from the Balkans - it's really a drag to spend 5 hrs in a narrow-body on the DOH leg.

    I actually feel this news deserves a separate article :)

  13. Anonymous19:46

    Well Qatar operates Doha-Moscow on a narrow body so I am sure that Zagreb will remain like this unless load justifies additional capacity.
    However the route will most likely be launched with the A319 which needs to make daily operations daily before capacity increase.

  14. Anonymous21:20

    Cool...Qatar Airways and Flydubai/Emirates in indirect competition now!

    Interesting to see how everybody on internet is cheering about the new destinations but not about Zagreb...
    what ignorants!

    Seems to me if Belgrade is an island of Emirates/Flydubai in the middle of an ocean full of Qatar Airways destinations now!

  15. Anonymous21:21

    Is there a chance for Beg and Skp to be introduce later next year?

  16. Anonymous21:22

    Don't forget that QR flies route DOH-SOF-BUH-DOH 4 times weekly. Perhaps the flights from ZAG won't be direct flights to DOH in both directions.

  17. Anonymous21:43

    DOH to ZAG will be direct...and no more new destinations for 2012 !

  18. Anonymous22:19

    There is no need for Qatar Airways in Belgrade at all once Flydubai/Emirates were present. Belgrade will be fully included in Emirates' offer through their web-booking shortly.