Jat defies all odds

Passengers stay loyal to Jat in 2013

Despite having half of its fleet grounded and cutting down on frequencies and destinations, the Serbian national carrier saw its passenger numbers increase in January. Jat Airways welcomed 77.962 passengers onboard its aircraft in the first month of the year, an increase of 4% compared to January 2012. This is despite a fall in the number of operated flights. The number of passenger travelling on Jat’s scheduled flights increased by 2%, on Euro Mediterranean services by 4%, while figures were down by 10% on services to and from Montenegro. The average cabin load factor stood at 63%, down by 4 points.

Jat ended 2012 as the second busiest carrier in the former Yugoslavia, behind Croatia Airlines. It handled 1.364.272 passengers, an increase of 11.9% on the year before. The average cabin load factor for the entire year stood at 73%. Passenger numbers improved on Euro Mediterranean flights by 11%, on charter services by 50% while flights to Montenegro were hit by an 8% passenger slump. Jat operated almost the same number of flights in 2012 as it did in 2011, increasing by only 1%. Jat’s aircraft spent an average of 9.2 hours in the air on a daily basis last year, 2% more than in 2011. In another sign of Jat’s aging fleet, a total of 988 flights were delayed due to technical problems.

MonthPAXChange (%)Average load factor (%)
JAN77.962 463


  1. Anonymous09:03

    I don't trust any figures Serbian authorities or jat management produce!

  2. BA88809:24

    (If this is true...Since Eithad has been shopping aroung big time according to B92 (!!??))

    Is it maybe time to re-think and stop all those routes that are not making profit? This little (unexpected) experiment appeared to be sucess!

  3. Anonymous09:47

    I wouldn't call it an experiment, but a lack of aircraft! I wander if any routes apart from London aand one or two others actually make a profit?

  4. Sorry, I'm a bit confused here.

    This story makes no mathematical sense. Numbers are up compared to last January but half fleet is grounded, yet cabin load factor decreased by 4 points.

    Someone please explain.

    1. Anonymous10:38

      A lot of flights that were operated by the Atr had to be operated by the Boeing aircraft. Because of that Jat managed to secure a passenger increase while its load factor decreased.

      Regardless of what some people say on this blog, this is the best proof there Serbs still trust and like flying on Jat.

      I am sure that 2013 will be even better for them.

    2. Anonymous17:07

      Oh, that's why was always the cheapest option whenever I was flying. Frankfurt flight were always packed.

  5. Anonymous10:47

    I do not believe in any of statistic data given by Serbian authorities, jat or BEG management!

  6. Anonymous11:05

    Who beets that JAT,Croatia Airlines and Adria will bankcrupt, The profits are not good, They have huge loans to pay and the paxloads is really not something that gives money on their accounts.
    There is no interest to buy any of these carriers because YOU dont want to invest in mess....I flyed with JAT three times last year their service on board is not good, You meet an angry cabinstaff who never smiles some of them dont even speak english, But on the other side they are not expensive and on time, not many delays. Croatia Airlines is so expensive ive flyed with them 8 times last year so im woundering what your paying for. AMS-ZAG or COP-ZAG are often delayed by 30 min, They fly bad planes for so big routes and their cabinpersonal are not friendly.Adria Airways have wounderful service and positiv cabinpersonal, Not many delays and great service. But i have enough of these airlines, People use Turkish Airlines you will get the best service on board and an nice flight.

    1. Anonymous12:30

      I did not know that Croatia Airlines fly to Cooperstown-Westville Airport in New York, USA...

    2. Anonymous12:54

      Sorry i ment CPH, Copenhagen Kastrup Airport

    3. Anonymous14:49

      TK is probably best airline of that part of the Europe that belongs to Turkey.
      Unfortunately, have to fly with them to UAE already for third year.
      No online check in, at all, which is major inconvenience.
      Cabin crew definitely requires lot of additional training. During taxiing, take-off and landing they allow pax to walk in the plane.
      Food, probably Turks do not object.
      Newspapers, Turkish only. English, very rarely.
      Any change in flight / air ticket terms you have to go to TK office personally.
      If you buy a ticket online, you have to present your Credit Card always before checking in, regardless that you have already used and presented same card numerous times.
      TK is voted as Europe's best airline by votes of 18 Million Turks.
      If there would be 18 Million Serbs they would vote for Jat as an airline of the world.
      This explains the Skytrax award.
      TK has a lot of space for improvement.
      IST airport keeps you always tensed, you just cannot relax since they change the gates every half an hour.
      Of course, TK probably has nothing to do with that.
      I have to admit that recently TK improved a lot their entertainment system, which is now in level of LH and far better than Qatar's.

    4. Anonymous15:28

      I'm not Turkish but I enjoy TK food quite a bit. And they do have online checkin, although I have to admit their site is pretty messy (and separating checking and baggage drop off at IST would be great). Planes are pretty new, entertainment system is great (on A321 I flew recently) and seats are comfy.
      And as much as I love Jat (mostly on sentimental grounds although I have great respect for their personel), I don't believe ppl would vote for them...

    5. Anonymous17:37

      Turkish guy flew with Croatian Airlines 8 times to Copenhagen and Amsterdam last year, wow, you must love Zagreb and Croatian Airlines. got to be that or you're full of shit. your choice.

    6. Anonymous21:00

      I think he's full indeed. I agree completely with what the other guy said at 2:49. TK is a total mess, even their mileage system doesn't work and worst of all, the level of staff in English is just horrendeous. Especially at IST. Also i never understood how an airline of a country that is not even in Europe has been voted "the best European airline", just incredible. Never TK.

  7. Yes people, use Turkish airlines, use products made in China use other things just not your owns.... great sucess, from what will this people live if they do not have anything to make to earn money ??

    And I wish al the best to airlines that does not operate like ryanair eg blackmails airports, local authorities, turist organisations...

    I give respect to airlines that pay airport taxes, that operate routes that are needed for the local people not just the ones that gives profits. Same goes for frequencies.

    LCC will bury themselvs with their predatory pricing on long run - in fully competative market everbody is making zero profit on long term.

    1. Anonymous12:48

      Haha where have you seen that Turkish Airlines uses chinese products, U know its not for nothing they get europes best airline for the third time. Turkish Airlines have their own workspace in Istanbul where they make flightfood,trainingcenter of cabinstaff,traningcenter of pilots and the technical staff wich operates at Sabiha Airport(South Istanbul). Everybody knows to talk for them selfs.

      Lets take an example for Croatia Airlines and Jat, If you have an vication and get a phone from your work, Take the first plane home, Do you think they will help you with rebooking your existing ticket, No my friend they say buy a new ticket, Ofcourse i understand if the plane is full booked, Turkish Airlines bookes you over on your existing ticket for a fee by 50 euros in every tickets that is in sale, Just take a look to thy.com

      How can 33 000 employes produce things in China, Ryanair dont choose you to fly but you choose it by your self. You have EasyJet to that operates from diffrent destinations. Its not worth to fly with OU,JAT or Adria because they dont five up for what your paying for, And you kan check Turkish maintence how they work and do on this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sapYjO0PGw.

    2. Anonymous16:24

      Oh, so this is the Turkish Airlines fan-boy from Bosnia or Albania, right? Well, i'll tell you, i flew TK and compared to QR or EK they completely suck, and while offering better food than JU at the moment, the lack of professionalism and English skills of personel is astonishing, especially at IST. I mean, the biggest shame "Turkish Technic" at IST written in huge letters for the entire world to see how they're illiterate. Besides, i never undertood how TK gets the "Best European Airline" award when the country itself is not located in Europe(?!). Also you are lying about the fees - TK charges 150 EUR for rebooking procedures (far more than JU) and unlike JU they don't refund your ticket even in case of passenger illness or death! Incredible indeed, worse than Ryanair. So is this your exemplary airline you're talking about? The video about Turkish maintenance is pathetic, it is well-known that JatTehnika is amongst the best in Europe, why do we care about it at all? So i really don't get your point, except if you're paid or have any other interest in advertising TK cause for my behalf, i'll fly them never again and advise so anybody else. Better fly your home carriers and stimulate your own economy.

    3. Anonymous16:55

      Oh okay, just stick to your beloved JAT and avoid flying with Turkish :) And also you say: "JatTehnika is amongst the best in Europe, why do we care about it at all?" --> you are right! The best in Europe maintaining the oldest fleet in Europe. Thank you very much.

    4. Anonymous20:43

      I fly all airlines besides TK and European low-costers, and Jat not that regularly among them. Mostly QR and SU, PC as well.
      Yes, i am sure that Jat and Iranian technicians are among the best, due to the task they have to accomplish. Turkey is all about imported technology and knowledge, nothing to be proud about.

    5. Anonymous21:59

      Hahahaha funny to read my respons, I im not Albanian not from Bosnia but Hrvat!!!!, Where do you find those fees? i dont see them, Its an reason why they got the price, And dont put ethnics into this, This is an page about airline carriers not ethnic groups, Im not writing about JAT just because its an serb airline but nothing by the reality, Why do you have it difficult to understand that?? Jat Thenika the best in europe,,,hahaha thats why they have Air Transat and other russian airlines, If they would have been the best other airlines would have contracted them. I would never have say bad words about my national airline OU but the reality is reality my friend. Just look have growth TK has in BEG. I tell you one thing, Jat will never get to the level of Turkish, Turkish carryes almost 40 million pax every year, JAT cant even renew its fleet. Turkish are all knowed, In sports,daily basis. Jat will never be.

    6. Anonymous23:47

      No, JAT will never be like TK in near-future, eventhough TK was nothing when JAT was a big company. Turkey has 10x higher population and many other advatages, no one puts that into question. I'm not amazed that you're Croat, but your level of English irresistibly reminds of a low-educated Turkish or Kosovo guy, you make up sentances in the same way. The fees i quoted are for inter-continental cancellations and changes, they depend on destination obviously (that's not the fee for your regional flights obviously) but anyhow TK has one of the highest fees in the industry. The guy before me quoted all the other points that put TK far from any "best" in connection to its services and standards. To highten your ignorance, i'm gonna quote for you some airlines that JatTehnika serves at present:
      Astraeus Airline - very Russian
      Jet2com - even more Russian
      Europe Airpost - definitely Russian!
      AirTransat - Russian, for sure...
      So, you're clearly not in a right state of mind. Just dumb. But perhaps you could enlighten me what airlines service their a/c in Zagreb? The list must be very impressive...

    7. Anonymous23:50

      As about Turks in sports, lmao... I think the reality no one will object is that how such a little country like Serbia can be in the world Top 5 for the following sports: waterpolo, tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball. What about Turkey? I lived in that country and can't see in which sport do they excel.

    8. Anonymous23:55

      They can't do any maintenance in Zagreb, mother Lufthansa does it for them...

  8. Anonymous12:35

    This post is typical marketing-spin!!!!

    Of course total results for January in Jat should be good, as for New Year and Orthodox Christmas they fly 100% of fleet. Problems start after that and they cancel flights, routes and frequencies. But as most of traffic in January is made on first 8 days of month that does not have big influence in total results (let me remind you that 2nd part of January is the worst period of year for most European airlines).

    The real results of dropping number of passengers will be in February and March.

    1. Anonymous12:39

      Maybe not even February because February 2012 Jat had -9% because of disaster weather and cancellation of traffic all around.

  9. Anonymous13:58

    I dont see why so negative here. They are operating from a state of the art terminal. Imagine when they get new beoings.

    1. Anonymous17:39

      I wouldn't call BEG state of the art, its more of one level above shithole, if that passes for state of the art terminal in Serbia, be my guest.

    2. Anonymous05:37

      Let me guess, albanian or cro brain?

  10. Anonymous14:41

    Its 11 Feb and BEG still hasnt posted its Jan13 pax figures.
    btw-Purger, as a reminder - could you share with us JAT timetable, as promised? :)


    1. Google it,

      for example:

    2. or,


    3. Anonymous16:48

      I meant, like an actual timetable. With flight numbers, days and times etc

    4. Anonymous16:50

      from late '80 early '90

  11. Anonymous16:58

    Those figures cannot be real! Either way, with the departure of Niki, Air France and temporarily stopped services by JAT, there is almost no chance for BEG to maintain the 3 million+ mark in 2013.

    1. Anonymous19:01

      But QR and PC are new arrivals, so that will offset for any decrease. Plus, HG pax will just use any of OS/JU flights to VIE, while AF pax will switch either to BEG-AMS, or simply use the extra JU daily to CDG. I don't think anyone will take a train to Paris instead...

      I would be amazed if 2013 is not better than 2012.

  12. Anonymous17:04

    Hahahahahaha so there has to be slum as minus 20%. Yah right. Beg is heading for four million.

  13. Anonymous17:10

    Yeah there is also double daily jat to paris, aeroflot, turkish, qatar, wizz and easy jet to pump the numbers in BEG. I am sure the expanded terminal will lure in more transit over other ugly ex yu airports.

  14. I think this is good for JAT... Less planes in the air and more passengers - Bigger profit. They just need less employees...

  15. Anonymous03:38

    Oh my God!!!! Why do Serbians always have to make a point how good they are!!!!
    Better than Turks, better than Croats, better in sport, better in this and that and JAT flies to the moon daily!!!!
    Racism and Arrogance much!!!!

    1. Anonymous08:09

      Yes cuz croatians are a different race? Black maybe?

  16. Anonymous04:50

    I bet that Jat will have even better results with two planes operable only, which will follow with zero number and the best ever LF and profit.

  17. Anonymous05:17

    Jat has growth every month even if they had no planes.

    1. Anonymous08:58

      Like elections for Milosevic - 107% hahahahaha....