Summer 2014
Air Serbia

Air Serbia's summer

There are only a few more weeks left until the start of the 2014 summer season which begins on March 30. Air Serbia will be introducing several new routes and increasing frequencies across its network. Compared to last summer, the airline will operate flights to eleven new destinations - Abu Dhabi, Banja Luka, Beirut, Budapest, Bucharest, Kiev, Ljubljana, Prague, Sofia, Varna and Warsaw. All of the new routes will run daily this summer. Varna will initially launch with three weekly flights before increasing to daily on June 15. With exception to Brussels, which will run six times per week, the Serbian carrier will operate at least daily flights to all of its destinations in Western Europe.

This summer, several routes will operate twice per day with a second daily flight to be progressively introduced until June on selected destinations. Athens, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Skopje, Thessaloniki, Vienna and Zurich will run twice per day. Flights to Podgorica and Tivat will operate three times per day, which is one flight per day less for the latter. On the other hand, Air Serbia will not resume many of Jat Airways’ seasonal summer flights. They include Girona, Pula, Gothenburg, Ohrid and London Gatwick. However, seasonal flights to Dubrovnik, Split, Monastir and Malta will resume this summer season.

Air Serbia plans to operate 700 charter flights this summer, an increase of 60% compared to Jat Airways’ charter operations during the 2013 season. The Serbian carrier anticipates carrying some 87.500 passengers on charter flights to Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Spain and Italy. With the introduction of Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft, the Serbian carrier will see a big increase in capacity compared to last summer.

Below you can review the preliminary changes that will be made to the Air Serbia network this summer when compared to last year. The information is subject to change. The 2014 summer season runs until October 26. EX-YU Aviation News will be bringing you summer season changes for each national carrier in the former Yugoslavia over the month. You can review Adria Airways’ network changes here.

DestinationFrequency S2013Frequency S2014ChangeNotes
Abu Dhabi07 7-
Athens714 7-
Banja Luka07 7-
Beirut07 7starts JUN01
Berlin67 1-
Brussels46 2-
Bucharest07 7-
Budapest07 7-
Copenhagen67 1-
Dubrovnik532starts MAY15
Istanbul57 2-
Kiev07 7starts MAY29
Larnaca47 3-
Ljubljana07 7-
London - Heathrow99--
London - Gatwick202-
Malta12 1starts JUN13
Milan57 2-
Monastir24 2starts MAY16
Prague07 7-
Rome714 7-
Split44-starts MAY16
Tel Aviv275-
Warsaw077starts MAY29


  1. Anonymous09:15

    Incredible schedule upgrade compared to last year. I really hope the transfer concept works for JU and I think the route map and frequencies are designed really well. If this concept works, next year they could expand to Iberian peninsula and North Africa as well, fully connecting most major citites in a large radius around BEG. That sort of a feed could potentially work even for long haul.

  2. I made a calculation, and I saw that JU will operate 95 more flights per week in S14 compared to S13! That means around an extra 13.6 flights per day! This summer is going to be crazy at Beograd Nikola Tesla.

    I also calculated that JU will operate 343 flights per week! That is 49 flights per day.

  3. For all those interested, there are around 5.100 passengers booked to fly with Air Serbia today. That's about 1/3 of what the airport handles during the busiest summer days. Not bad in my opinion.
    Quite a few flights are around 90% loadfactor today. Even Tel Aviv has more than 100 passengers on the way back.

    1. Anonymous09:33

      Any idea how many of these pax are domestic and how many are foreign?

      Definitely think that Munich, Petersburg, and Tirana, would be successful.

      Always appreciate your comments Nemjee.

      -- Charlie

    2. Great news, Nemjee. It is always nice to hear positive reports from insiders

    3. The evening bank of departures has the most connecting passengers. Interestingly enough, connecting passengers are not the main 'guests' (lol) onboard.
      For example, Frankfurt will depart almost full today without a single connecting passenger onboard.
      As stated before, you have some routes which rely mostly on O&D and then there are those who rely mostly on connecting passengers.

    4. JU520 BEGLAX13:39


      Thanks for yr valuable informations. Always interested to get first hand inside facts fm JU.

      I m sure that TLV route will capitalize for JU with this on board product.
      I m quite curious how SKG flights are doing since LX kicked that destination 1.5 years ago. LX flights had good loads and were operated mostly with A321
      Also lots of transit pax on the flughts. So I cld imagine that SKG double daily could do well.

    5. Anonymous17:27

      Nemjee how many connecting passengers were there on Air Serbia yesterday and today? Which route was most popular for connecting pax?

    6. I am happy to see things are moving in the right direction :)

    7. JU520,

      Thessaloniki is doing really well for Air Serbia. I do not remember a single day when there were less than 75/114 passengers on the route. About 50% of the passengers on the route are transiting in Belgrade, on some days this number is even higher. The most popular destinations are Stockholm, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Zurich and Vienna. I am not surprised at all that this route will become double daily. :)

      Anonymous March 9,

      I do not know, I just checked this today as there were so many flights with 100+ passengers. I also checked some totally random day like Thursday and there were around 3.790 passengers in total. Of course, it's worth mentioning that as time goes by, a lot of routes are seeing healthier loads. As for most transit passengers, I would say Bucharest or Ljubljana where, as about half of the passengers connect in Belgrade. I suppose Banja Luka could be on top of this list but the flights are only starting to improve now so we will see how things will be in the coming months.

      I would also like to add that I do not understand why some people are so keen on getting rid of the B737-300. I find it a spectacular aircraft, not to mention that it's very reliable. I hope it stays as long as possible, especially YU-AND and YU-ANJ. :)

    8. Nemjee, Thank you for these info and also I liked this last paragraph. I also find very strange supporting fast transition to airbus. As for me, they can fly with boings as long as they are reliable. Concretely that ANJ seemed really like a new one when I flew it... Especially forcing airbus when they didnt have enough crew and pilots and having payed foregin ones really didnt make sense. I hope now they have enough serbian pilots? Are some of them already fly without foreign supervision?

    9. Aэrologic22:19



    10. Anonymous00:43

      Nemjee je CAR!!!! Samo sa takvim komentarima baziranim na cinjenicama se mogu zacepiti usta ovima koji hejtuju svaki dan!
      Hvala ti na tome ;-)

    11. Anonymous03:17

      A u Nemjeeovu realnost smo se uvjerili više od nekoliko puta. Pršti ovaj blog od hejtera koji su ga demantirali masu puta i dokazali tendencioznost. Nemjee je zaposlenik Air Serbije dočim niti je objektivan, a još uz to prenosi selektivne i tendenciozne informacije.

      Naravno, svi smo mi ne samo hajteri, nego SUPERHEJTERI = bivši Jatovci + svi ostali iz exYU (Slovenci, Hrvati, Bosanci, Crnogorci, Makedonci, Kosovari, ili ti mrzitelji po difoltu) + srpski domaći izdajice.

      Pa jel stvarno može netko biti toliko zadojen pa da vjeruje u vatikansko-komunističko-masonsko-američko-njemačko-ustaško-balijsko... zavjeru protiv Air Serbije.

    12. ^ Please see a doctor about your Air Serbia-phobia. You need some professional help. Leave us alone. Kako te ne dosadi?

    13. Anonymous04:37

      Nemjee, are those numbers official? Does Air Serbia provide those numbers at their web site or exclusively through your posts on this blog? Thanks!

    14. Nenad,

      YU-ANJ is a wonderful aircraft, not only because its interiors are nice but primarily because of its history and JAT management's commitment to keeping it in a decent shape while it was illegally grounded in Istanbul.
      Regarding the Serbian pilots on the A319s, no, they are still flying with an instructor. I do not know how long this process lasts and when they will be able to fly without them.

      Anonymous March 10,

      No, these are not official numbers. They are just the numbers we get at work which I am sharing here with you. I do this because there were quite a few people posting totally wrong information about Air Serbia on this blog.
      Like I said it before, Air Serbia still has a lot of work to do. However, we should never forget what kind of airline Jat Airways was or how much our politicians had destroyed it over the course of the last decade.

      One very good thing is that the airport expansion around the C gates should be completed by mid-May. This should facilitate our operations, especially as new aircraft arrive and as more passengers fly with us. :)

    15. Anonymous12:46

      Nemjee, thank you for the feedback. I hope Air Serbia is okay with you sharing those numbers. Haters will never be silenced by numbers and facts alone, but competition can also read them and then use them to tweak their services, schedules and frequencies to better compete against Air Serbia.

    16. Hehe I am sure airlines have more advanced ways of getting information on their competition than from comments on various websites. :)

    17. Anonymous14:50

      YU-ANJ is wonderful because it spent 8 years grounded? It seems your despise towards Istanbul reaches really high...

      You are more than welcome to put that aircraft in the museum and add a huge patriotic text board in front of it, describing how Jat bravely defended Serbia's territory from the Ottoman invaders. Other than that it is simply an aircraft that has been out of service for nearly one-third of its life due to political reasons.

    18. Good idea, I will make sure to pass it on. :)

  4. Anonymous09:30

    A hoce li neko pomenuti da preostali A319 stizu za tri meseca umesto do kraja marta????

    Doduse A320 izgleda stvarno stizu ovog meseca.U svakom slucaju B737 ce se u redovnom saobracaju koristiti jos dva meseca minimalno...

    1. Anonymous09:55

      daj dokaz za te tvrdnje

    2. Anonymous14:03

      @AnonymousMarch 9, 2014 at 9:55 AM

      Za koje tvrdnje da dam dokaz??Da ce A320 stici do kraja meseca???
      Pa u pravu si; s obzirom na tempo pristizanja A319,nisam bas siguran ni da cemo A320 videti uskoro.

      Jedino nas moze spasiti blizina izbora,mozda dodje jedan avion u flotu tokom ove nedelje:)))

  5. Anonymous09:34

    B737 će biti u operativnj upotrebi do 28. aprila.

    1. Anonymous09:51

      Ostace on jos u upotrebi i posle toga ...vidis da su nesposobni da nesto urade na vreme i kako treba...

    2. Anonymous20:13

      Dude, you seem to know everything .. I suggest you put your hand up for the upcoming general election ... Infact, maybe next time Hogan comes to town, you should ask him to put you in as CEO. You clearly have the ability to bring in leased aircraft based on your will to want things to happen. Do you not realize that JU does not order these aircraft from the factory, rather, from lessors ? if the lessee returns the aircraft in less than airworthy condition, then JU will NOT accept these aircraft until they can be delivered in perfect operating condition. What would you have them do, accept the aircraft in poor condition only to then have them sit in the hangar for mths until they are repaired ? JU is being paid penalties for late delivery and have the luxury of being able to use existing 733 aircraft until such time that these aircraft can be delivered in good condition. This is what responsible mgt does, not like the previous mgt, who brought in those broken Bulgarian aircraft which sat in the hangars for mths. The only thing not working here, is your brain and fingers for typing shit you know nothing about ...

    3. Anonymous03:21

      If you don't know what you are geting, than you don't go vith information on public. That is unprofesionalism

    4. Anonymous03:24

      1. And whith what kind of leasors you are working to have so many problems? From Afrika?

      2. How unlucky you are to have so bad planes on order. Or is it "kolko para toko muzike".

      3. What about all other delays (web page, seling of tickets, cadet program, rebranding, web check in, prolonge of routes...). Are leasors also guilty for that or some other vis major?

    5. Anonymous06:10

      What you constantly fail to accept is that no one will change his/her decision to fly JU because of your heroic mission to scare them off. And the airline won't go bust because you hate it 24/7. I know reality sucks but the reality is JU is there. With all its bugs, problems and issues it is there. And it will somehow still be rolling out there, even after your spirit totally drains in hate. Some demons you just can't kill. You hate them and they still grow. And nobody wants to come and hate them together with you. And you will receive no medal for fighting them. Your time burns out in vain. Sad.

    6. Anonymous13:02

      For all we know, that same hate poster might as well be the same person, or someone closely related to, people who are responsible for what happened to JAT flight 367. That amount of hate is telling. Wouldn't it be amazing if this blog helps uncover the responsible ones and finally brings them to justice!

  6. Anonymous09:50

    What is the deal with IST? they were saying that they are close to meke the agreement to return to IST airport. There was no further communication on this topic. Where are the missing A319...does anyone know?

  7. Anonymous10:29

    Does anyone know why Turkish A330-300 was not handles thru an airbridge today, but rather thru a bus position? Are the C gates not capable of handling a widebody?

    1. Aэrologic22:02

      The cargo that was supposed to be flown by an A330F coming from Misrata this afternoon was collected by TK1082 A330-300 in the morning, hence B7.

    2. Anonymous22:42

      Here it is:

    3. Anonymous00:30

  8. Anonymous10:35

    They probaly had mostly cargo as I dont think loads were high. They used to hook up Qantas 747 on jetways and UAE amiri 747. BEG can handle a A380 as well.

    1. aftakana aha hana10:37

      oh usput 10:29 anom serem ti se u engleski..

    2. Anonymous10:38

      Wow, really? A380? Haven't noticed that they built the upper deck air bridge for the A380! Which gate is it?

  9. Anonymous10:58

    Zaista raduju vesti iz AIR SERBIA. Juce najava o nameri
    o investiranju za uvecanje i ubrzanje razvoja Srbske vazdusne luke. Naravno da nista ne ide uvek glatko, ali su tu ljudi koji probleme pretvaraju u resenja. Efikasno i u hodu. Po sistemu Know how. Velika radost mi je kada sedam u avion AIR SERBIA. Sledeci je posle Vaskrsa. Presrecan sam kada prolaskom kroz aerodrom Beograd primetim radove, upgrading terminala... Zaista dogadja se da ekonomski teska vremena kroz sinergiju pozitivnih ljudi koji imaju veru u uspeh i poluge upravljanja, preobrazavaju svet oko sebe, umnozavaju nadu.
    Uvecavaju sinergiju a naizgled neostvarivo, pretvaraju u stvarnost. Sta bih svet bio bez pozitivnog truda, nade... Zaista dolazi vreme da se slavi VASKRS, proslavlja Vaskrsenje vazdusnog saobracaja Srbije koja je na putu preobrazenja. Podrzavajmo napredak AIR SEBIA. Aktiviranje komercijalnih aerodroma Srbije uz dodatak, "NAMA DOBRO A NKOME ZLO!"
    Vas Rod. Marinkovic, AME. Kraljevo / Sydney-Griffith

  10. BA88811:50

    Why did they drop PUY?

    Still baffled...

    1. Not enough Atrs.

    2. Anonymous12:15

      Yep probably ATRs. They had to drop Ohrid, Pula and decrease Tivat to launch Budapest, Sofia, Varna... They probably chose Pula because it had the biggest reduction in passenger numbers last year because most people who want to holiday in Croatia probably prefer Dubrovnik and Split (even though Pula is beautiful and very friendly)

    3. BA88812:32 line of thoughts was that Istria was always seen as "safer" than SPU/DBV for Serbian passenger (no intentions to open the political debate here)...but statistics are showing I was wrong!

    4. Anonymous13:43

      Yeah... it is unbelievable how Dubrovnik is golden cow for every airline. Prices are so high and flights are so full..

  11. Anonymous12:21

    Shame that they gave up on flights to Croatia. Pula is cancelled and Dubrovnik significantly reduced although last year flights to Dubrovnik were full. More than 8300 pax were flying on this route :(

  12. Anonymous13:33

    When will JU get more ATR's. These ones are 20+ years old already and they badly need more for expansion.

  13. Anonymous13:43

    Ljudi sta je sa cadet pilot programom? Je li neko primio email posle zadnje testiranja?

    1. Anonymous14:34

      Jos nista..

    2. Anonymous15:04

      Toliko o roku (2ned.). Pisite ako dobijete neke nove informacije :) . Nadam se da ce u toku sldc. nedelje da posalju neke informacije.

    3. Air Delay18:03

      Air Delay gura po svome i u cadet programu.

    4. Anonymous22:03

      Just shut-up and wait.

    5. Anonymous22:39

      Air Delay ti čini veliku uslugu jer da nije tog prevoznika tvoj život očigledno ne bi imao nikakav smisao. Pošalji im makar e-mail u znak zahvalnosti.

    6. Anonymous23:24

      Nista od rasprave, bolje saljite ikakve informacije ako imate

    7. Anonymous23:36


    8. Anonymous03:26

      Ma da, nije kriv Air Delay što kasni sa cadet programom, nego mi koji to primječujemo. Čestitam! Ma Bog se po novome zove Air Serbija, bezgriješna i savršena. Živjeli vjernici Air Serbije.

    9. Anonymous16:27

      Selected cadets were contacted a few weeks ago to go for their medical tests at VMA. Now you have to wait for all the tests to be checked and then you will be contacted, again.

  14. Anonymous14:49

    Kakva glupost ukinuti Pulu i Ohrid. Zar nije bilo logicno da se redukuje malo i ta Bugarska i da sezonski imamo letove za Pulu i Ohrid. A tek Solun 2 leta dnevno, to je cisto razbacivanje i avionima i novcem. I da li je moguce da JU vise nema nijedan redovan sezonski let za Spaniju? Ne znam kako je malev radio na Beogradu, ali mi se cini da njihov dash nikada nije bio pun. Sa 5 letova nedeljno do budimpeste i 2 do Pule, moglo se izbeci to sto nam nedostaju avioni.. 5 do sofije i 2 do Ohrida.. i zavrsila bi se jedna sezonska prica.. Ne kazem da bi sa 5 letova nedeljno kabina do sofije bila bolje popunjena, ali bi se otvorila mogucnost ljudima koji zele da posete ohrid, da lete direktnim letom do te destinacije. Bas ove godine na sajmu turizma su istakli da su srbi inostrani gosti sa najvecim brojem nocenja u makedoniji u 2013. Ali zato atr do banja luke mora da leti svaki dan, pa i za 10ak putnika, jer ga ne finasira JU.. itd itd.. i jos samo da napomenem da mi je posebno zalosno sto vise nemamo letove ka geteborgu. ako je politika prikupljati transferiste , pa ima ih i tamo pri tom nemaju direktne letove ni za atinu, ni solun, ni milano, bukurest, sofija..., da ne pricam o broju srba koji zive u tom delu svedske.

    1. Anonymous15:15

      U Ohrid jednostavno niko nije isao avionom.Girona u Spaniji je isto promasaj.Za Pulu nemam stav.

      Wizz Air je razbio Jat na liniji za Geteborg,te Air Serbia nema tu sta da trazi...od jeseni ce pod znakom pitanja biti i Stokholm!!!

      Getvik je promasena prica,kao i Malta i znam zasto ove dve poslednje jos postoje kao linije.Cena za Varnu je prava drumska pljacka.

    2. Anonymous15:35

      a dva leta dnevno za solun i atinu? a milano i rim, pored easyjeta, pa nam rim dodje na 5 puta dnevno??? izvini, nema tu nikakvog razbijanja ili price da niko nije isao u ohrid avionom. ubedjen sam da je sezonski ohrid jaci od banja luke i varne, mozda cak i zajedno!!!

    3. Anonymous18:07

      HATER! Kako si uopće mogao pomisliti tako nešto. Pa Etihad zna što radi, oni su nepogriješivi, a svi koji misle drugačije su državi neprijatelji koje treba streljati.

    4. Ali stvarno niko nije išao u Ohrid avionom, to je destinacija nižeg cenovnog ranga, bez obzira koliko je lepa... turisti koji idu tamo uglavnom biraju pristupačniji način transporta.

      Iz Beograda se do Pule relativno brzo stiže i avion gubi značajnu prednost. Hrvatski autoputevi su stvarno dobri. Realno gledano, Pula se može vratiti na listu destinacija, ali kada bude više ATR-ova na raspolaganju.

      Da li može neko da mi objasni sve te uzavrele emocije oko sezonskih destinacija? JU ima X aviona na raspolaganju i moraju da pokriju određene destinacije. Sezonske su od sekundarnog značaja.

      Varna ima potencijal, da li ste videli koje cene Austrian naplaćuje? Ludilo...

      Španija se stalno pominje kao opcija/želja... I ja bih voleo da letim direktno iz Beograda do Madrida, Barselone ili ako me ko pita do Granade a ne da se maltretiram preko Rima stalno, i posle vijam kofere dva dana. Ka Španiji bi trenutno leteli uglavnom turisti, koji traže najniže moguće cene.. Pa vidite da čak ni lowcosteri nisu ušli na tržište za sada, kreće samo Vueling ovog leta (sećamo se i Spanera pre bankrota). Da postoji baš toliki potencijal iz Beograda ka Španiji, Wizz bi se davno ubacio. AirSerbia upošljava flotu gde postoji veći potencijal, barem u ovom konkretnom trenutku. Sledećeg leta se može sve promeniti. Stvarno ne vidim razlog za toliku negativnost u komentarima... Ako neko baš mora u Španiju ovog leta, mogu se naći dobre cene preko Alitalije ili u kranjem iz Temišvara Wizzom.

  15. Anonymous18:44

    ot: Some article about Zagreb airport......
    Poskupeli letovi iz Zagreba.....

    1. Anonymous20:06

      Good! Protecting the interest of the shareholders. Only fools decrease these taxes thinking they will lure additional pax.
      BEG also needs a professional manager, and not party appointed people.

    2. Nothing new in the West00:36

      Well, when you're an airport that's barely passing the 2 million mark, with the main airline near-bankrupt, bleeding traffic to all airports in the region from Belgrade to Venice, hoping to attract LCC carriers in order to boost the numbers - increasing taxes would be the last thing to do. One thing is clear: the only thing that ZAG new management cares about is their own pockets. Reminds me of TBS or EVN. They would rather have 1 million pax but to rip them off, than 3 million with a small margin and a lot of work. French consortium, Balkan mentality. Nothing new for Zagreb.

      - Aэrologic

  16. Anonymous19:34

    2014 summer season timetable is valid until October 25 whilst as of October 26 winter season timetable starts. Seasonal timetable starts on Sundays and ends on Saturdays. Well, it is obvious that JAT is increasing the capacity along with fleet and that PAX No is araising but the CLF's are still poor. It's good though that the network is increasing to keep (more than half leased) the fleet busy. At the end we'll will they start paying their debts and the financial results.

  17. By the way, the other day someone inquired about the status of YU-ALN if I am not mistaken.
    This afternoon was its first flight after several months. I suppose that it underwent a D check.
    Air Serbia should have five Atr-72 now, unless they send another one to the hangar.

    1. Anonymous21:56

      Nemjee, you are probably talking about YU- ALP because ALN just came back from Netherlands where it had undergone through cabin retrofit and painting.

      We probably need 5 more ATR`s to cover regional traffic... Hopefully that large etihad order of 16 ATR is at least partially devoted to JU, not just Etihad Regional...

    2. Can someone tell me where I can find more information no the Etihad ATR order? I can't seem to find any information online.

    3. Anonymous22:33

      Yes, its ALP which is nowhere to be seen for quite long, not ALN.... Anyone know where is it?

    4. Anonymous23:21

      I just saw on flightradar24 that ALP started flying again from today after a year out of service...Nice to see it back in service :)

    5. Anonymous00:48

    6. Anonymous00:51

      What about the news (or gossips) from few days ago about restarting flights to Tirana? Was it connected to a decision to cancel Beirut?

    7. Aэrologic01:15

      Tirana is gonna launch one way or another. Possibly also Iasi, Kishinev, Venice, Odessa, Lvov, Bratislava and others.

    8. From what I know both YU-ALN and YU-ALP are currently flying:



      Yesterday YU-ALP had its first flight in months. It flew three times on the 9th March, two times to Vienna and once to Banja Luka.

  18. Aэrologic22:14

    Just came back from a photo-session at Belgrade airport. The changes are massive and noticeable. Although the building can handle up to 3 times the number of passengers currently handled, the rest of the airport's infrastructure is lagging far behind. Notably, there is an urgent need of upgrading the road transportation links. The 2-3 road lanes around the terminals are simply not enough. The platform in front of Terminal 2 looks like a boulevard in the midst of rush hour and can barely cope with the traffic, there was a real traffic jam. Luckily enough, there were no buses or other heavy vehicles at that particular moment. I prefer not to imagine what's gonna happen in the summer months. A new parking was opened and the police presence is being felt noticeably.

    1. Aэrologic00:28

      Belgrade Airport today:

  19. OHD has never been a market, but a huge VFR market. It covers the whole Western/South Western Macedonia. Most of the passengers from there travel to two destinations - Melbourne and New York. I spent some time there on business and couldn't believe how many people enquired/bought tickets to those two destination. Since the offer from OHD itself has always been very limited, most people travelled from SKP and SKG, due to their proximity. If Air Serbia had direct flights from BEG to NYC, OHD could generate a significant number of pax. Maybe a couple of ATR-42's could be used for destinations like OHD, INI, OMO, PUY or even POW.

  20. Anonymous13:09

    I just don't like the change for the LJU flights.
    Very disappointing for business travellers like me with MO-FR working in BEG. Means I will have to switch to some other airline with transit in MUC or VIE instead of a direct flight.

    Winter schedule
    BEG-> LJU
    FR 18:30
    SU 20:55

    Summer schedule
    FR 07:35 or SA 18:20

    SU 10:05 or MO 10:05

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