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As we enter the final days of 2018, this is what you read, liked and discussed the most on EX-YU Aviation News throughout the year according to accumulated statistics.

2018 marked the most successful year for EX-YU Aviation News since going online on June 1, 2008 with the number of unique visits increasing by 20.7% compared to last year, while the number of page views grew to over 4.6 million. Six out of the ten most read articles of all time were published during 2018.

Looking forward to another exciting year in EX-YU aviation in 2019!


1. Wizz Air downgrades two routes from Macedonia, August 13
2. Ryanair to launch Banja Luka service, April 23
3. American eyes Dubrovnik service, June 6
4. Wizz to launch new Tuzla, Ohrid, Niš flights, January 9
5. easyJet to launch new Ljubljana, Belgrade flights, January 30
6. Etihad to retain Air Serbia stake, exit management, June 11
7. Aegean to resume Athens - Skopje in November, September 27
8. Belgrade Airport reopens for traffic, September 12
9. Ryanair mulls two new Banja Luka routes in 2019, September 16
10. ANA considering Ljubljana service, April 20


1. American hiring Croatian speaking crew, September 21 *
2. Ryanair to launch third Banja Luka service, May 24
3. Pristina Airport records busiest August, September 7
4. Fake airline scams Kosovan passengers, July 26
5. Air Serbia reintroduces complimentary water service, July 18
6. Wizz Air launches new luggage policy, October 10
7. Niš Airport numbers decline, August 9
8. Air Serbia launches buy on board catering, March 2
9. Air Serbia to deploy Etihad jet to New York, December 14
10. Orange2Fly to launch new Pristina service, January 4

* Most read news flash of all time


1. Air Serbia: Belgrade - New York
2. Air Serbia: New York - Belgrade
3. Belavia: Belgrade - Budapest
4. Air Serbia: Belgrade - Sarajevo
5. Silver Air: Zagreb - Mali Lošinj
6. Emirates: Dubai - Zagreb
7. Air Serbia: Belgrade - Vienna
8. Etihad Airways: Belgrade - Abu Dhabi
10. Turkish Airlines: Skopje - Nice via Istanbul


1. Serbia
2. Slovenia
3. Croatia
4. United States
5. Germany
6. Macedonia
7. United Kingdom
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina
9. Switzerland
10. Canada


Dubrovnik Airport, 1980s


  1. I have flown on that very Jat aircraft pictured.

  2. Anonymous00:51

    Congratulations exyu!
    Let's all together have another amazing record breaking year, with many more new visitors and successful aviation news!

    (admin, trip report "3. Belavia: Belgrade - Budapest" is linked wrong, be free to remove this note from my comment later)

    1. Thank you :) Fixed.

    2. Anonymous02:17

      Admin, you need to sleep unless you were partying on Friday night.
      Thanks for all your hard work. This blog unites many aviation geeks and "experts".

      Wishing you all the very best and to keep posting until year 2100 ;)

      See you tomorrow after 9 o'clock.

  3. Anonymous08:54

    Fantasticno dobra Vintage stara slika americkog aviona Boeing aviokompanije JAT.

  4. YU-AKB which later on crashed in Cyprus on Feb 27 1988.

  5. Anonymous09:46

    Taj Boeing727 avion jos je aktivan leti za Iran Aseman Airlines nova registracija aviona je EP-ASB

    1. Anonymous12:51

      Proizveden jos davne 1975 godine Boeing727-200 EP-ASD bio je u floti aviokompanije JAT do 1991 godine a danas u 2018 godini jos leti za Iran Aseman Airlines.Danas ima redovan putnicki let od Tehran Airport do Mashhad Airport.Veoma kvalitetan Boeing avion.

    2. Anonymous14:27

      11 aviona koji su bili dio flote avioompanije JAT u 70-tih i 80-tih godina,i u 2018 godini su jos uvjek aktivni za velik broj aviokompanija u Iran Republic.

    3. Anonymous14:28

      Jedan Fokker100 avion Montenegro Airlines je prodao za 4milona eura,kupac je Iran Air,Croatia Airlines jos 1992 godine je prodala jedan McDonnell-Douglas DC9-82 istoj aviokompaniji koji i danad leti iz Tehran airport.Ima i puno pilota iz svih ex-yu republika na privremeni rad u Iran.

  6. Anonymous05:07

    Dok pijem moju omiljenu jutarnju Bravo kafu koju je nas kolega Makedonac donio prosli tjedan,otvorio sam ovaj vas sajt kad ono pogledam na slici odlican Boeing 727-228 na koji je moj otac letio kao drugi pilot nekih 8 mjeseci davne 1985godine,sad zajedno se pripremamo za nas danasnji let sa nasim Fokker100 avionom,i da pozelimo miran dan i dobre uslove za let svim koji lete iz Podgorice.

  7. You are the best!!! Greetings!


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