Venezuela’s Conviasa becomes regular Belgrade visitor


Venezuela’s national carrier Conviasa is becoming a common sight at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport after the airline intensified its service between Caracas and Tehran with a refuelling stop in the Serbian capital. The Conviasa Airbus A340-200 jet began flying via Belgrade between the Venezuelan and Iranian capitals in August. The stop in Belgrade is made both on the outbound and inbound journey for refuelling purposes only, with flights currently operating every other day. The carrier does not maintain commercial operations between Venezuela and Iran and is instead believed to be carrying cargo. Yesterday, Conviasa announced it would commence commercial passenger flights from Caracas to Moscow and Tehran during the first week of December, with plans to introduce operations to China, Italy and Portugal in the near future. To support this expansion, Conviasa will add an Airbus A340-300 to its fleet, due for delivery in the coming weeks.


  1. Anonymous10:55

    Good for NIS, good for BEG...

    1. Anonymous11:11

      Exactly, any income is welcome now.

  2. Anonymous11:18

    This is the only passenger A340-200 left in the world :)

  3. Anonymous11:35

    It would be great for BEG to serve as a stopover for those future passenger flights to Moscow and Tehran as well.

  4. Anonymous12:41