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As we enter the first day of 2022, this is what you read, liked and discussed the most on EX-YU Aviation News in the past year according to accumulated statistics.


1. Ryanair suspends over twenty EX-YU routes, December 27
2. Ryanair suspends EX-YU operations until late March, January 14
3. India’s SpiceJet launches Belgrade charters, July 4
4. Air Canada to launch Zagreb service, June 18
5. Ryanair to open Zagreb base, launch twelve routes, March 30
6. easyJet terminates handful of EX-YU routes, November 21
7. Air Canada considering Belgrade service, June 26
8. Belgrade Airport expansion masterplan unveiled, April 7
9. United to keep Dubrovnik flights after “incredible” performance, October 3
10. Inside Air Serbia’s latest A330-200, April 24


1. Air Serbia unveils special livery on new A330, March 12
2. PHOTOS: Belgrade Airport construction update, September 1
3. Slovenia’s SouthEast Airlines hiring crew, April 13
4. Air Serbia boosts New York service, March 12
5. Travel chaos as UK red-lists Montenegro, August 27
6. Pragusa.One fails to launch flights, June 22
7. Wizz Air to launch two new Belgrade routes, March 31
8. Banja Luka to see intercontinental flights in 2022, November 5
9. Air Serbia’s first A330 exits fleet, April 27
10. KLM returns to Belgrade after three decades, May 13


1. Flydubai: Dubai - Belgrade on MAX jet
2. Air Serbia: Belgrade - New York
3. Air Serbia: Belgrade - Podgorica on A330
4. Turkish Airlines: Belgrade - Istanbul
5. Ryanair: London - Zagreb - London
6. Wizz Air: Belgrade - Heraklion - Belgrade
7. Flydubai: Ljubljana - Dubai - Ljubljana
8. Qatar Airways: Belgrade - Doha
10. Austrian: Belgrade - Vienna


1. Serbia
2. Slovenia
3. Croatia
4. United States
5. United Kingdom
6. Germany
7. Bosnia and Herzegovina
8. Canada
9. Macedonia
10. Switzerland
11. Australia
12. Montenegro
13. Netherlands
14. Sweden
15. Austria


JAT's on board duty free, 1980s

JAT crew, 1970s

Aviogenex cabin crew, 1980s


  1. Anonymous18:41

    Thank you, those popularity lists are great! Can't imagine what the top 10 for 2022 will look like. If I can add Top 5 titles that made me laugh in 2021:

    1 Air Serbia to compete by being “Wizzier than Wizz”
    2 Serbia plans new mega airport for Belgrade
    3 Belgrade - Toronto flights “top priority”
    4 Air Serbia to launch Beijing service “in January 2022”
    5 CEO: Air Serbia looking at China, US and Canada

    1. Vlad18:55

      I remember when people laughed at Etihad buying a stake in Air Serbia. After that they laughed at Air Serbia launching flights to New York. So keep laughing, better to laugh at JU than mourn all the other ex-YU carriers that are deceased or terminal. Happy New Year, anonymous!

    2. Anonymous21:07

      Vlad, why are you triggered? You can obviously see it was a very healthy sarcasm. Take it easy, dear and HNY 2022. Although I have to admit the post was entertaining.

    3. Vlad23:20

      It wasn't sarcasm, it was an attempt to belittle a very specific flag carrier that also happens to be the most successful in the region that this website covers. I'm no fan of JU and I don't fly them often, but I'm even less a fan of bitter little anonymouses that have to spew their hate here even on New Year's Day.

    4. Anonymous04:46

      I am the Anon at 18:41. Vlad, you completely missed the point of my original post. That was not an attempt to belittle Air Serbia, quite the opposite. I am a huge fan of Air Serbia and I love them, but once in a while it's healthy to have a bit of fun. Most of those titles didn't originate from Air Serbia anyway:

      Just reading "Wizzier than Wizz" makes me laugh! C'mon, Wizzier than Wizz, really? Air Serbia is not getting rid of hub & spoke model, it's not moving to A321NEO, cancelling JFK and turning into ULCC. That was just a catchy marketing sentence that still makes me laugh!

      Second one about new mega airport has nothing to do with Air Serbia, it was a government decision widely regarded as laughable nonsense. Third one was a joint statement from Serbian President and Canadian Ambassador, back in Feb 2021. Here we are almost a year later and we all know "top priority" did not materialize in 2021 but many other "lesser priorities" did.

      Fourth one was also not a statement from Air Serbia, it came from Serbia Post. Seriously, Serbia Post making route announcement on behalf of JU? Pure comedic gem! After those four, last one is just a natural extension. Air Serbia was actually focused on quick pivot to charter demand and other pandemic-related network changes, retirement of 737s, getting a better deal on A330 lease, replacement of old ATRs etc, but not really on China, US and Canada, so that statement deserves a smile.


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