Slovenia’s SouthEast Airlines hiring crew


Slovenian start-up carrier SouthEast Airlines is hiring experienced cabin crew members who have previously worked on Airbus A320 family aircraft. The applicants must hold EASA Cabin Crew Attestation. The airline is offering a temporary contract with the possibility of extension to permanent, a competitive fixed salary plus commission from on board sales, as well as 22 days of work and eight consecutive off days. Further details, as well as the application form, can be found here. SouthEast Airlines is in the process of obtaining an Air Operator’s Certificate which will enable it to commence operations. The carrier is aiming to launch in June and has already finalised contracts for a demanding summer charter season.


  1. Remains to be seen..... So much noise usually means lack of reality.
    Anyhow wish them well, but let's hear about it after at least first commercialy succesful flight

  2. Anonymous18:47


    1. Anonymous10:12

      What do you expect from a startup with 1 aircraft? Job for life?

    2. Anonymous11:25

      Jesus, I dont understand Slovenians, first they say everything bad about Adria, then when it goes bankrupt they begin and "feel bad", and how it was a legacy and what not. Then when someone actually tries to build a company with former Adria employees they start again with the pessimistic comments. And on top of that, you have GENIUS "ANON @ 18:47" requesting job stability from a startup company with only one jet.

    3. Anonymous12:51

      Guess Slovenian pilot community still thinks they are entitled.
      Time is to deflate your egos.

      Adria is dead for 1,5 years. Move on.

    4. Anonymous13:01

      Slovenian entrepreneur spirit is still alive. Respect !!!!

      Setup of new airlines who will do business all over the world (2 are going online),
      Pipistrel signed billion dollar contract with China,

      They show everything is possible if you have the dream, ambition
      and that all the slandering from Slovenian self proclaimed experts does not touch you.

  3. Livery looks like Delta, just swap out the red!

    1. Anonymous12:52

      Slovenian pilot syndicate is the only syndicate in the world who went on strike 1 week before insolvency of Adria was announced.

  4. I really wish them well, but they will have to be quick with obtaining AOC. Time flies...

  5. Anonymous17:24

    In one article I read that the plan is to start with 1 aircraft, in 6 months they are planning to obtain another one and till 2023 the plan is to have 4 more, so 6 A320 all together...that's a good plan

  6. Seeing is believing....

  7. Anonymous14:43

    Lol same story like here:

    Dream on...


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