ch-aviation hosts Networking Night in Belgrade

In an evening marked by great networking and discussions, the ch-aviation Networking Night held last Thursday at Belgrade Waterfront solidified its status as the prime networking event for the aviation and tech industry in southeastern Europe. Each year in autumn, the event, organised by ch-aviation, draws top aviation and tech managers, representing a substantial cross-section of the industry's leadership in southeastern Europe. The event lasted until around midnight and was an evening for networking, discussing business, and making new friends.

Matija Krajnc (Managing Director - Amelia International) & Marko Cvijin (Managing Director - Trade Air)

Kristina Andruskiene (Vice President - GetJet Airlines, Ivona Juric (Vice President - ch-aviation), Mihaela Jozic (Head of Sales - ETF Airways), Ana Sladic (NP Ground Ops - Trade Air)

Sasa Djordjevic (Senior Director Technical Support - Carlyle Aviation Partners), Thomas Jaeger (CEO - ch-aviation)

Nebojsa Vuksanovic (CFO - Air Montenegro) & Pedja Todorovic (former CEO - Air Montenegro)

Michal Nowak (VP - Embraer), Jiri Marek (CEO - Air Serbia), Max Oldorf (CCO - ch-aviation)

Sasa Radovanic (Sales Manager - Dviation), Predrag Nikolic (Deputy Director - APS Aviation), Nenad Spasic (General Manager - APS Aviation)

Nadja Kljajic, Jonathan Robinson, Maja Milojevic, Lazar Milenkovic, Sara Kljajic (EAS Aviation Group)

Gavrilo Kandikjan (Director Ground Services - Air Serbia), Dragan Bugarinovic (Managing Director - Morava Airport), Uros Bijelic (Head of PSS & Distribution - Air Serbia), Srdjan Prokic (Head of E-Commerce - Air Serbia)

Assad Khan (Data QA Manager - ch-aviation), Vanja Popovic (Deputy Editor - Bloomberg Adria), Sanja Ples (COO - ch-aviation), Alan Suk (Data Research Manager - ch-aviation)

Ivan Jakovljevic (CDO - Ink Innovation), Milica Marjanovic (Senior Associate Airlines - Belgrade Airport), Jelena Pocuca Papo (Aviation & Business Development - Belgrade Airport)

Dr. Boris Padovan (Partner - Travel In Motion), Marko Cvijin (Managing Director - Trade Air), Mladen Mihajlovic (Charter Sales - Vertis Aviation), Marija Perisic (SEP Instructor - Air Serbia), Marija Verovic (Vice President - ch-aviation), Igor Salinger (Editor

Max Oldorf (CCO - ch-aviation), Djordje Petrovic (Commercial Manager - Prince Aviation), Srdjan Kragojevic (Technical Director - Prince Aviation)

Verica Micunovic & Marina Djordjevic (Northern Aerotech), Petar Mihic (Analyst - dnata), Marin Grgurev (Director - ch-aviation)