Jat Tehnika privatisation deadline September 26

The Serbian privatisation agency today announced that Jat Tehnika (the largest EX-YU technical base located in Belgrade) is now on sale. 70% of the company is being sold while the other 30% will stay in the Serbian government’s ownership. The Serbian privatisation agency specifies that only companies dealing with aviation engineering for at least the past 5 years may send in an offer. All interested parties must until September 26, 2008 hand in their offers. It has been announced that so far 15 companies are interested in purchasing Tehnika one of which is the world famous Singapore based ST Engineering as well as companies from Israel, the United States and Austria. The public call advertising the deadline for offer submissions today appeared in Serbia’s daily Politika as well as the global Financial Times.

Jat Airways deadline in September

Meanwhile the Serbian privatisation agency will call companies to submit their offers for Jat Airways on July 15 with the final deadline for submission of offers being in September. The Serbian finance minister said that whoever buys the airline must follow the terms of the agreement which specify Jat will remain Serbia’s national airline, the flagship will not change and that the government has its own appointed members to the Jat Airways board.