Croatia Airlines to increase ticket prices

The management at Croatian Airlines have announced in Zagreb that the airline’s ticket prices will increase if the current situation with fuel prices continues. Recently Adria Airways increased its ticket prices by 12 Euros as well as Croatia’s star alliance partners Lufthansa and Austrian. Furthermore Jat Airways increased ticket prices on selected lines between 1 and 7 Euros earlier this month. Fuel prices are affecting the aviation industry globally. Croatia Airlines has promised it will keep current prices as long as it can however any future rise in fuel prices will immediately increase fares. Croatia Airlines CEO Ivan Mišetić announced a rise in ticket prices as early as last month stating that expenditure of fuel prices rose from 12% last year to 35% this year.

Croatia Airlines management also states it has not increased its fares since 2002. Croatia Airlines is now spending 21 million Euros for fuel. In the first six month this year fuel expenditure has increased by 8 million Euros compared to the total 12 month expenditure in 2006.