Jat Airways privatisation: Approval from government

The government of Serbia has given its approval for the privatisation of the national carrier, Jat Airways, to begin. The minister of economy and development Mlađan Dinkić announced that the starting price for the airline will be lowered due to the international fuel crisis while the tender for the submission of offers will begin in the last week of this month (between the 26th and 31st of July with the 30th or 31st the most likely dates). New reports by Serbian media suggest that Aeroflot is still interested in the purchase even though it was reported a few days ago that the Russian carrier is no longer interested and has its eyes set on other airlines in Europe about to undergo the privatisation process. Icelandair from Iceland is also said to be still interested however Aeroflot has already offered the Serbian government and Jat Airways management a 10 year plan, earlier this year, for future development which includes a large purchase of new planes, employment security and wage increases for workers.