Jat Airways privatisation: Lower starting price

The latest news regarding Jat’s privatisation suggests that the tender in order for Jat’s privatisation to begin will occur near the end of July. Serbia’s minister for the economy said that the starting price will most probably be decreased from the suggested 150 million Euros in order to attract more buyers. Jat’s CEO Saša Vlaisavljević said he could not disclose reports by the media that Russia’s Aeroflot, which was by now most involved in the purchase, is no longer interested. The CEO went on to further state that Jat has had no contact with Icelandair in the last 6 months however that it does not mean they are no longer interested in the purchase. Vlaisavljević stated that it is in the airline’s and country’s interest to privatise Jat as soon as possible. He stated that fleet renewal is the biggest priority for the airline however that it must wait to be privatised.