Jat's historic flight to Pula a success

After 17 years, Serbia has taken the first step in re-establishing air services between its country and Croatia with Jat Airways introducing direct Belgrade – Pula flights. The ATR72 departed on time from gate A6 at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport. The time of departure being 12.50. The most interesting news so far is that Jat has already sold 50% of its seats on all planned flights to Pula. Tomorrow 75 Croatian travel agencies will join a network to sell Jat tickets from Pula to Belgrade. If all goes to plan and Jat reaches its goal in the amount of tickets sold it will continue flights to Pula throughout the winter season. The current flights to Pula are expected to run until August 31.

JU740 landed in Pula on time at 14.20. The return flight JU741 departed from Pula on time at 15.10. The plane arrived at Belgrade's airport gate A4 at 16.34 (6 minutes before its scheduled arrival). Jat officials say that the airline has already sold 1.300 tickets in only one month since tickets are on sale. Showing that there is great interests in Croatia's Istrian coast.