Airport reconstruction becoming a hobby in EX-YU as Zagreb Airport announces new plans

Zagreb Airport is expecting the commencement of the construction of a new multi-million Euro terminal building. However as is a tradition in any Ex-Yugoslav republic the project is running late and it is already looking unlikely that a completely new terminal will rise from the ground at Pleso by 2011 – the current deadline. In the meantime the airport management will entertain itself with the reconstruction of the current terminal which is in bad shape resembling more a train station then an airport terminal buidling (as presented by the photo of the airport above). Minor reconstruction projects such as lighting and the reconstruction of the domestic transfer area have already been complete however the entire project will be finalised by summer of 2009. The airport management wishes to improve the foundations of the airport in order for it to remain stable in case of any earthquakes. Lighting around the airport as well as the airport park will soon have an improved look while the airport plans to open up 300 new parking spaces for cars. Ultimately when the new terminal at Pleso is built, Terminal one will become a low cost and domestic traffic terminal.

Zagreb Airport joins a list of airports in the EX-YU region undergoing reconstruction. Ljubljana Airport, as reported yesterday, is undergoing heavy maintenance with a planed Terminal 2 and a runway expansion. Belgrade Airport Terminal one is also undergoing surgery in order to fit in with the reconstructed T2 while Podgorica Airport in Montenegro also plans to reconstruct its Terminal one building, reminding readers that Podgorica has had a brand new terminal since 2007. Tivat also had its airport renovated recently.