Belgrade Nikola Tesla exceeds all predictions

The CEO of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Bojan Krišto, announced the airports end of year profit will be 4 times of that in 2007. Last year’s profit stood at 360 million US dollars. Krišto states that this result has partially been achieved due to the decrease of the number of those employed at the airport as well as thanks to a decrease in expenditure. The CEO states that this profit is encouraging as the airport prepares for privatisation. “In the next five to six months we expect for a tender to be distributed to find the airport’s privatisation advisor” says Krišto. The advisor would prepare the privatisation process within 18 months and then the airports stocks will be put on the Belgrade stock exchange.

It is expected that the airports aircraft movement will on average increase from 10 to 12% per year. When the EU ends visa restrictions imposed onto Serbia (expected in late 2008/early 2009) the aircraft movement should grow by 15 to 20%. By the time Serbia enters the European Union the airports growth will average around 20%. Belgrade is the largest airport of all the EX-YU airports. It recently began reconstruction of its terminal 1 while a completely reconstructed terminal 2 was opened 2 years ago.