Madonna sells out seats
on Jat Airways and Montenegro Airlines

Both Jat Airways and Montenegro Airlines have been sold out on flights between their biggest markets – Serbia and Montenegro as the pop star Madonna prepares to hold her concert in Montenegro’s seaside town of Budva, near Tivat on Thursday September 25. A very large number of Serbian and Croatian fans are expected. During this week 52 return flights will be operated from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to Tivat Airport. On Wednesday and on Thursday all tickets have been sold between the two cities on the 19 flights that will be operated (14 by Jat and 5 by Montenegro Airlines) as well as for the 3 flights to Podgorica to be operated before midday. Belgrade Airport’s management expects that due to the concert 2.000 extra passengers will pass through its doors. Serbia’s national airline Jat Airways has sold 544 tickets for Thursday’s 5 Tivat flights, three of which will be operated by a Boeing 737-300 and 2 using an ATR72. For Wednesday’s 3 flights Jat has sold 198 seats. Jat has also increased its frequencies to Podgorica and sold 318 tickets for Thursday while only a handful of tickets to Montenegro remain. These tickets are to Podgorica on Wednesday. Jat will operate a total of 14 flights to Montenegro on Wednesday and Thursday. Due to the concert Jat is seeing an increase in passengers from Banja Luka and Sarajevo. Montenegro Airlines is also increasing its frequencies. Madonna will for the first time hold her concert in the region. It will be located at Budva’s Jaz Beach (pictured above) and has gained widespread media attention across the EX-YU region.