Jat reports impressive August figures

The Serbian national airline, Jat Airways, reported yesterday that in the month of August it has transported 201.073 passengers, which is an 8% increase compared to the same period last year. More than 2.500 flights were operated on which 191 tonnes of cargo was transported and 41 tonnes of mail. The largest growth was achieved in the charter flight sector where the number of flights was increased by 14% while the number of passengers increased by an impressive 21% when compared to last year. On lines to Montenegro (Tivat and Podgorica – Jat’s largest regional market) passengers were increased by 36% while special charter flights to Montenegro recorded a 29% jump in passengers compared to 2007. Because of large interest on behalf of tourist agencies for charter flights Jat added 117 flights compared to last year. Most charters were operated to Greece, Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt while there were a few charters to Spain as well.

Jat Airways just recently transported its millionth passenger for the year. August is the busiest month in Jat’s calendar.